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Full Version: A couple shots of Alpha demo 0.3a
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Just a couple of shots of the lair after tooling around with the current build of the Alpha demo (0.3a).
yeah this games really shaping up well....cant wait...now if someone would just notice it exists =(
Looks nice Smile You have really built yourself a whole dungeon there Big Grin
Here are a couple more taken in Alpha Demo 0.4. Cleared out the whole area without crashing. Was pretty happy with that considering the hours put into it. The game as it is so far seems pretty stable as long as you don't create Dark Dwarves. Hadn't included any hydralics or anything yet though. Gonna play around some more after I get some sleep, and see what else I can do to try and break it.
Looks nice Smile I can see that you have added and removed bridges in the first screenshot, otherwise the torches wouldn't have been there Wink I'm impressed that you have managed to dig out so much, and still kept the production going..
Thank you sir. I enjoyed every minute. Those are actually 2 different sections of the dungeon I put together. I wanted to put the whole thing in there, but because of the perspective, I couldn't tile the whole thing together.
Wow, that's a cool dungeon you made, DD.
Thanks man, it took like 4 hours, but I managed to open up the entire map.