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Full Version: - Tile beneath the statue brakes if it is attacked and dug simultaneously
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I'm not 100% if that was because only digging the statue or attacking it with weapon only, but when I saw my Orc and Impanzee attacking the statue I wanted to help them with destroying it by marking it to dig. An Imp came out and started to dig this statue while the Impanzee and Orc continued to brake the statue. After Impanzee Statue was destroyed I saw a broken tile beneath the place where statue was standing. See the picture below:

[Image: x51207.jpg]
Thank you! Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
I can't reproduce this. Are you sure that the tile wasn't broken before you attacked the statue? Can you reproduce it or use a savegame and destroy the statue again just to see if it is whole sometimes?
Actually, when I loaded the game again the broken tile turned into 100% healthy, unbroken tile. Can't explain this.
Mapseed was: 24233 and the Impanzee Room with Impanzee Statue under I found broken tile is close to DM to the north from her, near the small lava lake.