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Full Version: I & S - Forcing game to assign creature to do task I want immediatelly
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It takes quite a long time in the middle game to build anything while doing vast excavations or just having all our workers occupied with huge amount of tasks. Imps will only build something for me if they dig all selected tiles before. I thought that there had to be something that could at least enable me to set priority of each task to do and indeed - when we go to creature menu selecting whatever creature, than -> tasks (tasks order) we'll get this:

[Image: 9fwtpi.jpg]

It is/was a tasks order menu that was assigned for all creatures, but it seems that it doesn't work any more or at least not like it is showing there - I mean if we want to build a new room building and we have all our workers occupied digging for example, than we have to wait for a worker to end the digging all tiles it was assigned to dig by game, then, and only then this worker will go and build our new room building - however what I really would like to have from game is to force the game to free at least one worker immediately to build this new room building and all further constructions - so if I put new Backing Table in Cookery Room and all my Imps are occupied with digging I want game to pick up at least one Imp that will stop doing any further task in it's queue and go building Baking Table. Would it be possible to have it like that?

I know that a creature always have to finish it's current task before it do anything else, so the task cannot be paused, nor interrupted, but can game at least remove all tasks that have for example an Imp in queue to add a new one I want it to do something? So the solution could look like that: an Imp that is the closest to finish it's current task and has in it's task queue to dig 12 tiles more and build 1 Dynamite (so it has to do 13 tasks more in total) is suddenly being called by game to do a new task (because I decided to build a new Baking Table in that moment). Game than removes 13 tasks that this Imp has to do (actually it "cut" and saves these tasks in memory cache) and after it finished the current task it will immediately go and build the Baking Table. Those 13 tasks more that this Imp had to do before game could distribute to other workers ("paste" these tasks from memory cache), so to ensure all tasks will be done and none missed. Note that to make it work building things, carrying wounded and all other tasks (except transporting resources to storage) should be than prioritized higher than digging.
Hmm, I don't want to be able to pick up creatures. But perhaps we could select active jobs and be able to click "prioritize" somehow.
(27-03-2018, 02:43 PM)Rasmus Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm, I don't want to be able to pick up creatures. But perhaps we could select active jobs and be able to click "prioritize" somehow.

What I meant by "pick up" is that some tasks really are needed to do ASAP and it would be a great improvement if game could choose/pick up/assign a worker or workers to do a task that I need ASAP like building a room or a trap. Definitely if it's only the matter of prioritization, so the game could stop any Imp to do further jobs (with lower priority like digging) and assign it to do what I need for ASAP (like building a trap which would have higher priority than digging), than in the end players will be able develop their dungeons really fast. Also this way we will never make our creatures wait for their needs to be satisfied (because we can answer for their needs building immediately what they need). Smile We also won't need to deselect tiles to dig to force Imps to stop digging and than make traps or rooms for us, which otherwise they would build only if they finish digging all previously selected tiles, like in current version of the game.