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In my humble opinion, the thing that sinks every season of American Horror Story is a clear lack of planning. The stories often feel as if they’ve been poorly thought out, and as a result, they run out of steam pretty damn fast. But having a show where each episode tells its own standalone story decreases the risk of that particular problem. At least, I hope it does.Cat Ear Hoodie

Diy Film Sweater Sweater

Sanjay had everything – a successful business, the love of a fantastic woman, and a full head of hair – but all of it disappears after a brutal act of violence. Years later, he’s a man haunted by a past he can’t recall. His memory only extends to the past 15 minutes, and he has to keep reminding himself that he’s on a mission of revenge against the man who killed the woman he loved and left him with brain damage. Tattoos adorn his body with reminders and names, Polaroid photos of people living and dead line his walls, and one word burns in his soul. Ghajini!

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Today brings the second episode of Marvel’s Loki to Disney+, and it thrusts us straight into the pursuit of a dangerous time criminal who has been assaulting Time Variant Authority agents and stealing their time-altering gadgets. In addition to putting Tom Hiddleston into full-on time detective mode alongside Owen Wilson as Mobius, the episode also brings Sophia Di Martino into the series as a surprising and mysterious character.

Anyone would be hard-pressed to disagree that Lynda Carter is the perfect Wonder Woman: her stature, kindness, grace, and strength all contributed to her portrayal of Princess Diana of Themyscira. That’s why Prime 1 Studio collaborated with our partner studio Blitzway, to capture both the subtle and eye-catching features that made Lynda Carter such a celebrated Wonder Woman for decades!

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Yeah. I’m curious if this was a script thing, a [director Chris McKay] thing, a you and Chris Pratt thing? The movie lets you both be funny, and funny together.

Animatics like this don’t make it into the public sphere very often, especially for projects that never ended up happening. Sometimes you’ll see one as a bonus feature on a Blu-ray or DVD, but as physical media continues to be phased out, videos like this seem to be more and more rare.

Yeah. What you learn in animation is how to pack a scene, right? How to be able to get as much out of a scene as humanly possible. In the script it said Charlie, as the dialogue, Charlie, “And then he said ‘Shit’ times a thousand.” Was what the note was for Sam on that day.
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