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Full Version: Planet Explorer
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you know what nobodys done...a flight game with humans flying ala superman nothing but the sound of wind...lil gravity...be cool with this engine...1st and 3rd person...cause I know you dont have enough things to occupy your time =P...use to love pilotwings on N64 and the best part was the birdman suit and free flight
Here's the closest thing I know of, it's not a human flying alla superman, but it is a dragon flying: http://www.miniclip.com/games/dragon-attack/en/
Always fun...unless your a PS3 game =P...oh BTW if any of you have been living under a rock...or have a life...Cubeworld should be out in demo form in the next week...this WILL be the next Minecraft...except its not based largely of someone elses work...poor Zach Barth...