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Full Version: Jadeia - The Australian Gamer - New Gameplay
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Hi everyone,

Just want to inform you all about Jadeia. He have made three episodes of Dwelvers. I found it very enjoyable to watch Smile




Love this guy's enthusiasm. You can tell he's really enjoying playing around with the game, but why shouldn't he...it's freekin awesome!
I'm sure he will back when the new version will be released, but ATM 3 episodes, wow. Big Grin
Yeah he really got sucked in...
He sure is Smile Check out this video, he really got me smiling at 23:40 when he found out about the possession spell Tongue

The possession spell was one of my favourite discoveries. I had no idea it was there, and it totally changes the way I thought about the game (in a good way!) Smile
Haha, yeah your discovery got me smiling for an hour Big Grin
Great videos, jadeia. Big Grin

BTW group of dwarves that just sat there the whole game drinking was because they got trapped in their seats at the bar. If you'd sold some of the extra tables that were trapping them there they'd have joint the fights. Wink

I'd love to see you do videos on version 6c.