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Full Version: Splattercat - Some nice promo :)
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Yea, it's good he said about new changes and said warmly about Dwelvers. Very nice video, still not many were showed. Wink
Well, the comments seemed all good, and that makes me very happy Smile
That's a good video. Hopefully more such videos will show up over the coming weeks and the exposure will grow exponentially for you. Smile
I also want to make vids about it but I want to do them in English and thats not really good. And than I use a lot of uuhm and uhh. Maybe I going to make some in dutch. I already spoke to 2 people about the game and they are both playing it.
2456 viewers, 113 likes and zeroooo dislikes, but hey, we haven't released 0.6 version yet! Big Grin
I noticed that this guy in almost two weeks gathered 2k subscribers more, nice. One thing that again wasn't show is fishing, grr darn it, I hope next time someone would focus on that, only one guy showed fishing. Big Grin
You could always make a video about imps fishing yourself, Sebt. Tongue
Yea, good idea!