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Full Version: Funny Video I found on the web
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Check out this funny video I found online:

If anyone else find any funny or cool vids go ahead and post them here.
LOL, nice. Since you suggested I'll pull out this gem. You may or may not have seen it, but it's one of my favs.

Babies are so yummy! NOM NOM NOM
yup, that guy's pretty funny.
There is a super-duper option on the right side of full post reply window where You can embed videos, like I did editing Yours Tongue

Specific humour. I like the irrational, black and "creative" humour, so maybe these 3 or one, two of them would cause You to laugh. Big Grin

Super Mario!:

Kitten Jedi:

Totally wicked series of nonsense, my favourite: Big Grin

I made you a PIE. PIE flavored.

ok ok this is 5 characters

i know you want it Smile
Here's about a minute of people doing some amazing things:

On the subject of amazing people, this is Damien Walters. He had a clip or two in the previous video. That music is amazing.
not half as amazing as Damien Walters. That guy defies gravity with some of his moves in the video you posted

I thought why not put this here
That video was certainly interesting.

Before I go to bed I'll leave you with a music video performed of David Bowie's Space Odity performed in space by astronaut Chris Hadfield.

and here's another one, this time Chris Hadfield is performing with The Barenaked Ladies and the Wexford Gleeks.

It's time for another vid, the 10 worst/deadliest roads in the world. Care to go for a cruse anyone?

Android powered Lego Technics Rubiks Cube solving robot. AWESOME!

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