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Full Version: Website Updated for v0.6 Navbar Image
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Ok, so I have had a bit of time to work on this, but I'm not the fastest when it comes to graphics. This is what I have so far...


I will be adjusting the shading so that it matches the current image, and also split it into the sizes Rasmus used on the individual links as well as add mortar. What do you guys think?

Edit: Page updated with comparison image.
What you have there looks like a good start, but it would be easier to compare if you added a link to the main website as well, so I could look at them both right away and compare them.
Oh that was to replace the navbar on the official Dwelvers site. The current one is really choppy.
right, still it would be helpful to be able to compare the 2 side-by-side as it were.

If you could put a screengrab of the current one up under your upgrade so we could all see the 2 on the same screen? That would make comparing them and seeing what else you need to do much easier, and I think you'll get more and better feedback on this that way.
The second image has been added.
I kinda like the old one but the curvature is too big
Agreed, the old one looks better. Except the choppyness. Can't it be smoothed a bit with photoshop or something?
The new banner looks like it could use mortar in the spaces between stone and shading. ATM it looks rather flat.

Quote:the curvature is too big
I assume you're referring to the curve at the top of the current banner? If so I agree, the banner needs to have the curvature toned down quite a bit.
I will pass this on to BurningPet Wink
I had planned on finishing it up this morning, and should only take a couple hours to wrap it up. What I have posted is just a rough draft. Well that is unless BurningPet is already at work fixing that.
He haven't started on it, and if he starts on it I will give you all a heads up. But if you make a nice navbar I would be happy adding that one, and then there is no need for BurningPet to do one Smile

Here is the image to the current navbar

Ok, I finished the bar. Take a look at it guys and let me know what you think.


@Rasmus, if you want to use this just let me know and I will chop it up into the individual topbuttonX.png that you have on the site.
Yea the top one is now much better!
Hmm, I will take a look at it and see how looks with the site, not right now.. But later tonight when I've solved some other issues Tongue
Ok, just glad I had some time to mess with it. I know you guys have your hands full.
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