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Full Version: The Pit of the Damned
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The seven commandments are the following

1. Don't post several suggestions or bugs at once, keep them separated!

2. Each bug and each suggestion should have its own topic!

3. If you are reporting a bug then read the "Known bugs and issues" topic first so that you don't report something that already is reported!

4. If you are posting a suggestion then read the "The list of already suggested ideas" so that you don't suggest something that is already suggested!

5. If you are posting a suggestion then use the "Suggestion Guidelines"!

6. Don't go off topic!

7. Keep your criticism constructive!

If these are broken repeatedly without regret your posts will end up here and they will not leave this Pit of the Damned!
Smile Smile Smile
Good to see that, so far, this is the only thread in here. Shows how good the community is, doesn't it, Lord Rasmus?
It is mostly for decorative purposes, it will take a lot before a tread ends up here Tongue