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Full Version: Pyramid of Live
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So I made something, I call it the Pyramid of Live.

Here are some pictures:
[Image: cv02.png]
[Image: uvl8.png]
[Image: 5nbu3.gif]

Hope you like it :p
That one is going right up on my web-page Big Grin
Just have to fix the media section a little so that it allows fan made screen-shoots and art Wink
Ooh thnx and ok :p
That is one cool design Smile

You're reputation just went up because of it.
Yeah, I agree, You have need to put much effort on that, it looks really crazy. Smile
The walls on the side were the hardest port. There are no recourses what so ever in. I first made a base somewhere else with one of each so the imps could survive and then started to dig. After digging it out I had 8 orcs and 25 imps some were already lvl 7
So this wasn't done by cheating? Impressive Smile
Nope, if you want to have a map download ask it :p I needed to save it a lot because when I removed the other storage every time the game crashed of it Big Grin First map without cheating. I almost cheat every time, then I start over because I don't wanne cheat. And then I cheat again ... soo long looop
I hope you don't mind Xiemas Wink


Just had to show it Wink
Nope, do what you want with it!
Quote:This crazy dungeon was created by a guy at the forum called Xiemas.

Thnx Shy
At first I thought about writing: "And this dungeon was created by a crazy guy called Xiemas". I mean, one of you must be crazy to create something like that Wink
One of Xiemas must be crazy, huh? Dodgy

The question is, which Xiemas is the crazy one? Tongue
Ooh you guys...
I was referring to the dungeon as a "you" Smile
But how knows, maybe there are two Xiemas or maybe even three..
When Xiemas said "Ooh you guys..." he may have been talking to himself..

Sebt, maybe these posts should be transferred to the insult topic Wink
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