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Full Version: The Golden One
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I've had some complaints about the quantity of gold in the past, but this time around I hit numerous rich seams of gold. I'd say I hit the Mother Lode!

[Image: 11619956824_f0ae4959c9_o.jpg]

[Image: 11619597935_6575e1326c_o.jpg]
That gold Wink make yourself a army
yes, yes, yes,


[Image: devil-smiley-029.gif]

Now my evil plans can come to fruition!

Sure go destroy that maze
I plan to. In fact, I already know where it is, I just haven't entered it yet, working on building my army up first.
Yea train them train them goood!
Yes, and there's still plenty left for them to train on too.
I thinl you are the first to defeat the game for how its now, but later on you have still ways to go
I haven't defeated it yet, but mainly because I got busy with another game and haven't been playing Dwelvers for a few days.
Yea I had like a burnout but now its gone so Wink butt still going to be active !
still no where near the value of 5k fish Smile
I had a got distracted by another game-out. That game is freecol, which I've already posted a thread about it in the general gaming forum. Wink
Tricky Wrote:still no where near the value of 5k fish Smile

Ahh, but gold is so much harder to find then fish. Wink

... and you can't make orcs out of fish, you need beer and gold for that Wink
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