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Full Version: Some fishy questions
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Rasmus, I have a couple questions for you.

  1. Do imps get experience from collecting resources? (Fish, antroot, flour, etc.)
  2. Why do imps leave a fish (or two) on the bridge when they climb out of the water and run to the storage? I have seen other imps pick the fish up and seen the fish slowly disappear.
  3. Why can't imps jump from a stone at water height to collect fish?
1. The imps gets experience by doing any kind of work, fleeing from enemies it the one they get most experience of Smile
2. I have noticed this issue myself, I don't thing the fish should disappear over time. But I will look into why they are fishing and then leaving the fish at the bridge.
3. I had to do something there. Because the fish is an endless resource and I wanted the player to have control over where the imps are allowed to fish. In the future I may expand on this a little more, because I see your point!

Thanks for the questions Smile
Argh. Fishes everywhere! So I have some fishy things to talk about too.

It seems fishing is going to be the main entertainment in Dwelvers community. Yeah... Tongue
You know kind of fishing contests could be done once per two months or we could make a World Fishing Championship Q1 2014, than the winner would get special achievement in the game so the World Champion or even... The World's Best Fish Keeper! That noble status would be assigned with the winner's forum account (like now Game Vloggers has their own font color and rank name), what do you think?! Anyway the leaderboard should be done for everyone (so Tricky, Rikus your overall catchings would be summed up and showed in ranking), but that will require from us making Dwelvers more internet friendly, but nothing is impossible! Smile
I like very much achievement system in Galaxy on Fire 2 game, the same achievements are funny.

Then I think in the game we could do something to diversify way of getting things or creatures from fluids... can you imagine fishing at the bridge above the huge magma lake to catch some magma monsters? Smile
Fishing could be kind of entertain for certain creatures too, lol. Sometimes we could get resources, precious treasures etc. not only magma/water as resource from magma/water pools. Maybe we could even make swamps, moving sands, toxic pools to diversity places of fishing/gathering things from fluid pools etc.

Edit: the lovely zombie fishes could be a really nice obstacle to make fishing not so easy for fishermans. Wink Anyway we could add even flying fishes, that could be something harder to catch.
Sebt, great ideas. I love those. I like a little whimsy in a game to have some less purposeful fun with. Like a dragon fishing with the tip of his barbed tail.
Good ideas, all! Smile
Yea if someone would have idea how to even make and implement a Dwelvers Fishing Mini Game that would be something really hmm, out of the ordinary and that would another way to play and achieve new levels of perfection. Big Grin
I though as far the player is with game progress as more it could do, unlock more fishing pools etc. Player could even find items needed for the mini game that could be used in normal gameplay somehow. Big Grin

Lol, fishes can give a lot of ideas... but seriously I love fishes (to eat of course, after all are the healthiest meat in the world).
yup, all good points Sebt.

I'll give you back that rep I took earlier now... Tongue