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If the login widgets don't work, another option is to create a log in form on the main pages of the site manually. That's really all the widget's doing anyways is installing a tiny form with 2 text areas, one that has the text blocked out by dots for the password, and 2 buttons, one to log in and one to register a new account. You'd just need to make sure the log in info is transferred using the https protocols so it's encrypted and can't be easily intercepted by a hacker.
I could create it manually, but I don't think it would make a difference because I don't blame the login widgets that we installed. It is something else with wp-login that doesn't accept login information to be posted to it.

I have now found out what makes the issue appear and where to look for a solution, so it is very plausible that I can solve it, just that it requires time.. So it will have to wait. Everyone can login to the website if pressing the "login" link in the sidebar, and personally I don't see the emergency with having a login directly on the main page.

Any comments on the new logo? Wink
I love it, it's simple but catchy, and that pointy tail gives it that evil demonic touch, that fits right in with the whole game concept.
hmm I can't login even after password recovery
What's the error? Wrong password, wrong username, no login screen?
And you do login with your username, not your e-mail?
Ok I'm stupid sorry
Haha, Many people do that mistake logging in with their e-mail instead of their username Smile I have done it myself a couple of times on other webpages as well..
Hi, I'm not sure if I'm missing a link or something, but where can I redeem a steam key if I pre-ordered the game using the website?
Ah sorry for the delay, you should have gotten the steam key by mail now Smile
Oh no worries and thank you! Awesome game.
Hi, I preordered dwelvers on the website but I do not see the steam key to my email or web page, why it can be?

P.S. : Awesome game, very atractive environment, excellents constructions & fantastic creatures.
Could you check again if you have gotten it? I have to send these steamkeys out manually, and sometimes it can take some time when I am not close to a computer.

P.S: Thank you Wink
So far I haven't seen any mail, but I'm going to wait a while and if arrive something i notice to you, and thank you very much for the attention.
Check the same email as you have registered with PayPal, and the spam folder, if nothing have arrived there yet then send me a pm with the transaction details and I will correct it for you Smile
Everything is fine, i got the key correctly and many thanks for the help.
P.S. Great Game, impressive creativity and excellent quality of textures and very good sound and many thanks for having created this game.
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