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Full Version: Describe the Feel of the Finished Game Ambiance
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This question is both for Rasmus and for the game community. To better help myself and others in the suggestions forum, I'd like to get to know the intended "feel" of the game ambiance. In other words, how would you describe the game world? Serious, silly, campy, deadly, etc.

EDIT: I have included a 4 option poll, and these are the long descriptions of the options:

Option 1: Serious - BadAss: This is how I would describe War for the Overworld. The rooms are BadAss, the creatures are BadAss, even the worker Imps are scarey looking. The one un-serious unit they have in the game has caused an uproar within the community (the Chunder).
Option 2: Neutral - General Fantasy: An average high-fantasy experience. Some silly creatures, some BadAss creatures, and a bunch of "normal" ones.
Option 3: Playful - Tongue-in-Cheek: This is how I would describe Dungeon Keeper 2. There are many narrator jokes to lighten the atmosphere. Almost every creature in the game has a flaw. The bile demons are constantly hungry, the trolls are so weak they drag their hammers behind them when they run, and the imps are cute little slaves. And don't forget that the heroes were so sickeningly righteous that you just couldn't wait to torture them. At the same time, none of this is so over the top that it becomes silly.
Option 4: Playful - Silly: This is how I would describe the game Overlord. The minions are crazy and wear just about anything on their heads as a helmet. The minions also have a lot of idle gags like picking their noses and scratching their butts. The peasants are pathetic, helpless, and whine about everything. Many of the larger enemies are a threat simply because the eat your minions, not because they are intimidating.

My main goal is really for the Suggestions & Feedback forum. Suggesting a throat-tearing, flesh-eating werewolf in a silly game is a waste of time. Much like suggesting a BearPigMan in a serious game is a bit of a waste.

And to the community - how do you envision the feel of the game world for Dwelvers? Do any of the above options work, or do you see it as more of a blend of a couple options?
My personal opinion: Playful - Tongue-in-Cheek with a dab of BadAss. I loved the feel of the Dungeon Keeper series. You played as an evil overlord, but it was never horrifyingly evil. The game was bright and cartoony and never took itself seriously. I really liked that feel, but I also can appreciate the dread inspired by a BadAss creature.

So I guess what I'm picturing is a mix of creatures with glaring flaws spiced up with a couple BadAss ones. Example: You're expanding your dungeon when all of a sudden you see one of the top tier units wandering a cave and think "oh crud I do NOT have enough orcs for that."
I guess I leave the first comment Tongue

No wait, I changed my mind.. Don't want to affect the outcome, more interesting to see if you all have the same feeling of the game as I have intended.

But I have voted, and this is a real interesting subject that I would like to comment on, but I will do it later Smile
So far, I am the lone vote for Neutral. I am little bit leaning towards Playful, but I don't see as much playfulness as in DK. I don't feel the Orcs are playful or silly. The imps are for sure a bit silly and I like it. The knights don't seem to be too weak or pathetic. The cyclotaur is for sure not a pathetic enemy even though he is a bit odd. If it was a minotaur, I wouldn't be saying it was silly. It is just the combo I have never seen before that strikes me as odd enough to be slightly funny. For now, the game needs to be fleshed out more to see where it goes from here. DK probably struck the perfect balance of fun to play goofiness and seriously able to defeat you. My friends and I played DK in versus mode several times .. until they got tired of being beaten.

I am not sure what I want most a 1, 2 or 3 game. Each one can be fun and exciting. My kids both like this game and have been playing when they can pry me off my PC. Not sure if they would like a Serious game or a funny one. I guess my preference would be for a solid 2. A little bit of serious deadliness mixed in with a little bit of goofiness ... just like me!
I like the idea of having many somewhat silly creatures, but with some neutral and some bad-ass creatures thrown in to make sure the game doesn't get too silly for the genre, so sort of striking a balance between bad-ass and silly would be the best way to go. Sort of make it so there isn't too much silliness for the masses to really get into it, but not so much bad-ass-ness and darkness that it almost becomes depressing to play it, so it could go bad-ass with some silliness to lighten the mood, or mostly silly but with some bad-ass to keep the we're an evil underworld overlord feel.
I would go option 2 and leaning twards option 3 Tongue
BTW this was a very good idea, DaW, you get +1 for coming up with this poll.
Hmm, yea I really would like to know in what ambiance would you like to see Dwelvers. Interesting pool, I hope for avalanches of votes, Big Grin

Oh and if anyone would like to say why he choose what he choose that would help very much knowing how you see the game when finished.
[Image: laughing-smiley-001.gif] I see you've changed your persona around again, Sebt. No more Angel - ic knight, eh?
(09-01-2014, 03:07 AM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: [ -> ][Image: laughing-smiley-001.gif] I see you've changed your persona around again, Sebt. No more Angel - ic knight, eh?

The evil powers of unknown creatures ate the knight's soul and after that he turned into the demon, this is real me now, the stronger, the evil, poor of your unorganized threads now... behold Dodgy
I think for right now I'm saying 2. It does have a good mix of BadAss, Silly, and Normal characters, but being this early in the development with so few characters it's hard to foresee where it will end up at. I hope that it won't go too silly which I seriously doubt it will, but like SU said if it is too dark, then it will definitely lose its appeal. Taking from DK 'Evil is Good' was one of the reasons I liked that game so much. It was contrary to a mainstream belief the good side always wins, and the dark humor kept it from seeming like you were just being evil for no reason, no, it was funny.
So personally I was thinking something between 2 and 3, so I'm glad that the results have been pointing in that direction. I can say now that I have never intended on making the game "badass", the reason is that I feel like if the game is too badass in general then there is no way of shocking the player. If every creature made is evil, then it will be harder and harder to surprise the player with more and more evil creatures.

On the other hand if the game is a little more in between, then we have two directions to go in. The "nice creatures" will make the evil creatures even more evil, I know that having the humans as the nice creatures can create this contrast. But I think it would be even better if there were some kind of scale in the dungeon as well, that the more evil creatures will kick around the nicer creatures, you all have to remember that all the creatures made by the player may have the same ruler, but their personalities should differ a lot, and this should create some drama in the dungeon.

Once I reached the end of the alpha versions I will start focusing on giving the creatures more personality, the orcs should kick around the imps, the imps and the dark mother will tease each-other, like having the imp throwing a rock and the dark mother and then run away, and the dark mother scare the imps just for the fun of it. Right now we have only started to scratch the surface of the creatures personalities, when I introduce thieves and vampire like creatures into the dungeon they will steal and suck blood from their allies if they don't get what they want, and that will really make the player think twice before introducing too evil creatures into the dungeon. I am imagining that the more evil the creatures are, the harder will it be for the player to control them. I also have ideas of creatures that will require worshippers to be "happy"..

But we will see, this is the ideas I'm having atm, some of them may be discarded and other may be implemented and maybe expanded upon. It is still to early to say, there is still much left to be done Smile
(11-01-2014, 01:06 PM)Rasmus Wrote: [ -> ]I am imagining that the more evil the creatures are, the harder will it be for the player to control them. I also have ideas of creatures that will require worshippers to be "happy"..

Excellent! I like both of these ideas especially the more evil a creature is, the harder it is to control them. Makes me think about DK and Horny how you would have to keep him pretty much separate from everyone since he was so badass he wouldn't put up with the others in your dungeon.

Got a chuckle out of imagining an Imp dropping all it was carrying when passing the Dark Mother as she made a terrifying face while yelling BOO!
Yes, these are all good ideas, Rasmus. I especially love the idea of making the more evil creatures harder to control, and adding in personalities to the creatures as you get closer to the main release. Big Grin
I'm also with option 2 and 3, too bad a little that pool has not multiple options to choose enabled, but anyway I'm more with very humoristic game where almost every place hides secrets, dangerous and welth, where evil is funny and seems to be more a subject of laugh or cause that laugh when saying about enemies and environment that has to be reviled by evil forces. The lore is full of enigmatic events that took action in the past and in present time that will have influence on... the future events player will participate in them.
Fantasy elements would be much desired too. I have my own concept of game ambient that covers with what Ben and Rasmus said also in http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=622 (and there describe concept in details) and mixed it with my concept about music, sounds, environment, specific fractions, everything that will be connected with each other creating specific atmosphere and... allow to be able to choose from different strategies to make use of these all elements.

I wonder how do you imagine lore in the game?
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