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Full Version: Jadeia - The Australian Gamer plays v0.6
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Ahh, I just love this guy! He is like a solid rock when it comes to making Dwelvers videos Smile

Give him a thumbs up! Big Grin
You're always faster than me. Big Grin Great gameplay. Smile
Hey guys, I'm glad to finally join this awesome community.

I plan on doing a lot more videos in the coming weeks, as I've been playing the game a lot and testing out different strategies and designs.

I hope to be able to contribute to the game by feedback through the videos and in here.

Hopefully I can also help generate some interest in this awesome game.
I gave you the thumbs up.

I also have 2 hints for you to try for your next video:

1- build a bridge right beside a school of fish

2- press the space bar while playing the game

do those things and see what happens... Wink
Another episode!
Added link to the first post.
Yeah, he's on fire Big Grin
I really love watching his videos.

I'd also say that watching videos like that also give good insight into what part of the game need more explanation as to how they work. Seeing him struggle to get the iron smelting working reminds me of when I'd be struggling to figure out how to get certain constructs working.

I think constructs that require a worker to operate them should have some sort of description explaining what sides a worker needs access to for the object to work.
Episode 8 now added to the list Smile
Episode 9 and 10 added, wow. Big Grin
Man, this guy's spitting out videos like a pez dispenser! Smile

I don't have time to watch 40+ mins of video right now but I'll definitely be stopping by in a little while to take a look at them.
I watched them and it's great to see how he's trying to figure out how things work, IMO these would be great videos for Prof Ion to watch in deciding what to cover for his tutorials.
I will probably start linking jadeia's videos from the website. They are great to watch when trying to get a general understanding on how the gameplay is like Smile
They're also great in learning what needs to be better documented from a user's perspective. That's one thing I've discovering in working on Castle Lynchgate over on the DM forums is that as the developer, you already know how everything works so it's hard to know what will stump the user until you just give it so someone to test it out and let you know where they're getting lost or stuck. That's one great thing about let's play videos like Jadeia's, it gives the developer a chance to look into the mind of the user and better understand what need to be explained to the users.
I think in the future when we have time to improve our website we could give possibility for game vloggers to upload their stuff directly in Dwelvers website video section, this way we could encourage people to watch their video, promote our game vloggers and our game so. Smile
Good idea.