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Full Version: Creature Idea - Bard
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This guy loves to play music, but he won't hesitate to whack you with his instrument if you interrupt him.

I couldn't find a fitting image of a heavyset gorilla-like creature with a spiked banjo, but I think this description will do until I find a picture.

Highlight: Plays music to entertain the other creatuers.
Acquired By: All.
Cost: Found wandering/arrives from overworld.
Attack Form: Melee, Decks the opponent with it's instrument.
Weapon: A spiked banjo.
Armor: Colorful leather armor.
Attack Power:High... Ridiculously high.
Defense: Below High.
Health Points: Moderate.
Attack Speed: Above Low.
Movement Speed: Above Low.
Resistances: Physical 45% / Magical 30%
Job: Entertain other creatures.
Entertainment: Drinking Beer.

Passive Abilities:
(P1) Perform - Bard plays it's instrument to entertain the other creatures, All allies within the same tavern as the bard, Affects the entire tavern, The bard sets up a chair and plays it's instrument, Entertains other creatures.
(P2) Hullabaloo - Bard starts a short bout of partying in the tavern, All creatures in the same tavern as the bard (regardless of their alliance), Affects the entire tavern, Most creatures dance for a short time, May cause enemies in the tavern to switch alliance.

Active Abilities:
Note: The bard will become aggressive only when attacked, and will fight the side that attacked it.
(A1) Musicians wrath - Bard becomes furious and attacks the enemy, Targets the closest creature allied with the faction that angered it, Range: same as melee, Appearance: Bard leaps and brings it's instrument down on the target, May damage other creatures near the target, Charge time: 3 seconds, Cooldown: 30 seconds.
I like the idea, but there are a few things that I'm unclear about. Is this creature a roaming entertainer that just comes and goes as it pleases, or is it joined to you once it settles in at the Bar? At the moment there are no ways to direct an attack, so as a neutral passive unit our creatures would just ignore it. We briefly talked about stances here. I would assume that if we could set a stance then Aggressive could also mean it attacks all enemy and neutral units without provocation.

It would be cool for this guy to have an aura that would assist in battle such as 'War Song'. War Song would emanate from the bard and inspire friendlies to violence. ATK and DEF increased based on Bard level.
I'm curious about the same as Mello Wink
Added to Ideas & Game Features list. Wink
It would side with you once it finds a bar to stay in. It's kinda like the saloon piano player that will kick @$$ when a fight interrupts his performance.
The war song idea it cool, but since he doesn't fight until he gets hit, and instead might just use hullabaloo, He'd kinda already do that.

A better visual description of this guy is a gorilla wearing pants and a small vest, and carrying a banjo that has spikes on one side of the body.
I love this idea, and it's very unique too. Smile
I like this idea for both sides .. or all three.

Good: A Bard with a flute may accompany a higher level knight to witness and then sing about his great deeds (Brave Sir Robin ran away). His music may lure imps towards the knights and confuse some of the players creatures (depending on level and creature type - e.g. Pied Piper).

Neutral: A Bard with a guitar (I looked for a medieval guitar for an example, but it appears there are dozens of examples. I found several just in Spain, so how about just some classical music set to guitar .. would be easier to do.) Just like the Impanzee's except he won't fight on either side; he/she is found randomly in room(s). Anyone who hears his music can have one issue point resolved per second. By issue I mean, and in this order: Health, Hunger, Sleep. A neutral one may wander to all corners of your map and may even leave and/or may come back. He 'heals' both good and bad.

Evil: A Bard with a war drum (my mind hears the drums from March of Cambreadth, but others may be more evil and therefor better.) Creatures training while this bard is near will level faster. War drums will frighten low level knights and inspire your creatures.

I see a trend in my thinking above. Woodwinds are good, strings are neutral and percussion is evil. as the bards level they could progress through a series of intruments (may be way to much to do .. might be easy .. the animations could be the same just the instruments look different).

Also, in keeping with the slightly irreverent style so far .. it would be neat to see a bard duel.

Just my 16 farthing.
those are some great ideas RK.
Again, I post a basic idea in here and BOOM!!! It goes off and up like a power keg in a box of fireworks! :p
The different bards would be awesome! And the bard duel would be hilarious. lock a Royal bard and a Dark bard in a room together and watch em' beat the living daylights out of each other with their instruments. Big Grin

My ideas on the different bards:

Royal bard
Good guy, arrives from the over world, looks like a court jester, plays a flute, his music confuses your fighters and prevents them from attacking.
Wandering performer
Neutral, found wandering the dungeon, looks like a fat old man, plays a guitar, his music heals any creatures that hear it.
Dark bard
Evil, produced with 5 wood two stone and an iron, looks like a gorilla wearing pants, plays a war drum, his rhythm increases the attack power of evil creatures nearby.
Nice. I love it! Big Grin
I'm thinking about changing the Royal bard to Royal piper. just to give a bit of distinction between it and the evil version.
The wandering performer could be called a "minstrel" just to give it a different but shorter name that fits.
Nice, we have a Royal Piper, a footloose Minstrel and drummer from Hell.

Speaking of drummers from Hell .. did I mention I knew Richard Christy?
Ha ha... Now I cant get the image of the piper dancing gagnam style out of my mind...

Minstrel sounds good.

Picture the royal bard modeled after him Tongue
Your wish .. is my command Sir SU.

And may I say .. wow, nice looking shirt today SU!
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