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Full Version: Creature Mechanic - Grabbing creatures
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IMO if this feature is added it becomes too tempting to rely on picking creatures up and toss them wherever they're needed and abandon all attempt at strategy. IMO your time would be better spent on user manageable mechanics and priority systems that influence how the creatures behave rather then tossing them around wherever they're needed at the moment.
Ditto, one way to set assignments on a room could be that you just change the radial menu behavior so it displays the full menu on everything except rooms. For rooms you would have 2 options: assign or build if the room allowed assignments, or just open constructions if the room doesn't use assignments as it does now.
Agreed. There should also be an assign screen as well, with a list of all rooms that can be assigned creatures or already have creatures assigned to them, and when a room is selected a list of all creatures available to assign to that room and a list of creatures currently assigned to that room, with options to move creatures to another room, release creatures from a room and assign more creatures to a room.
I thought there would be a much more positive response to me wanting to add a "lift creature feature", but I can understand your reasoning in this matter, especially when it comes to accidentally assigning imps to rooms or disconnect them from the rooms.
^another good point^
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