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Full Version: Twitching Rasmus [Ended]
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I am streaming with some friends from my place at http://www.twitch.tv/trikisatan. You are all welcome to check it out!

Leave a message so that I know we have some Dwelvers fans over there Wink
So, I left the message, Yo!
But don't know about what were you talking. :d
I don't know either, they are coco bananas Tongue

Will be streaming for four more hours so you all know Wink
Rasmus Wrote:I don't know either, they are coco bananas Tongue
Then this must be a picture of Rasmus and his "coco bananas" then... Tongue
[Image: Donkey-Kong-HD-Wallpaper-1024x1024.jpg]
Well, I was going more towards the crazy direction Tongue
yeah, but I'm going more towards the Unserious direction Tongue