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Full Version: Room Idea - Laboratory
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A research lab for uncovering some new spells and performing magical experiments to unlock new creatures, room, buildings, etc.

Highlight: Research some spells, rooms, creatures and other things of a magical nature.
Function: Unlocks game objects of a magical nature or requiring magic to produce.
Place: Placed on claimed floor tiles
Acquired By: Evil/Good/Neutral (anyone can have a lab).


Workbench contains flasks and miscellaneous magical implements and is used for researching items like potions, staves, wands, etc.


[Image: wizard%20workbench1.jpg]
Pic.1. Wizard's workbench.

Highlight: Used for researching new items, weapons, etc of a magical nature.
Function: Used to research new magical item types and unlock them for production
Room Type: Building.
Place: placed on Ground
Cost: Wood (2), Optional (requires approval of new items): Glass (1), herbs (1).


Decorative item with magical items and books stored on it.


[Image: wixard%20downstairs%202%20-%20shop%20s.jpg]
Pic.1. Wizard's shelves.

Highlight: Decorative item filled with Wizardly implements.
Function: Decorative item to make the Lab look more Wizardly.
Room Type: Decoration.
Place: placed on Walls
Cost: Nothing

Examination Table

A table where creatures can be examined and experimented upon. would need to have cages and wrist/ankle restraints, capable of holding still any type of creature.

Would look similar to a medieval torture rack but instead of stretching out a victim it would have various types of restraints capable of holding any type of creature of any size for examining and experimentation. Would have knives, flasks and other arcane implements on a worktable near it as well where the items the Wizard is using for the experiments would be stored.

[Image: warwick-0648-01012007.jpg]
Pic.1. Medieval Rack.

Highlight: Item used to store a creature under restraint while it is being experimented on.
Function: Used to perform experiments on creatures to unlock new creature types or abilities.
Room Type: Building.
Place: placed on Floor
Cost: Wood (2) Iron/Steel (1).

*Note: feel free to add template formatted suggestions of other objects that could be placed in a lab.
I have a suggestion for a name change for the room, Arcane Workshop! or to be punny, the Darkane Workshop! This is where you could develop items for rituals too (if those get implemented). In fact the Darkane Library, and Darkane Workshop could be two different rooms that magic using creatures could use to create and research new things.
Hmm, yes, those are good points. IMO a workshop would be more for building already available arcane items, which would be needed. A library would be another great place to research other types of arcane stuff, like new spells and rituals (if rituals get included).
^^ My thoughts exactly ^^
My thoughts for the lab though are for researching creature fusions that the DM could breed and magical artifacts that the magic workshop could build.
I think this could be meshed in with all things relating to magic. If we have too many specialized rooms, then it could get confusing or just take up more space than what is useful. I figured that a Lab/Arcane Workshop/Library or any other room relating to magic could just be all one room, and like other rooms with multiple purposes for instance the Cookery which can brew Beer or bake Bread, This room would have implements that support magical study and constructs.

So like the Examination Table, great idea and could be a great way to maybe learn enemy spells, creature types for reproduction, extracting essences, and maybe even improve spells by practicing on captured creatures. There could also be a desk where new spells could be researched. Having a table to infuse weapons and armor with enchantments or researching those like your Workbench.

Bookshelves are always a good decoration for these types of rooms, and maybe even a globe sized crystal ball could be a center piece for the room like this one here for example.
[Image: CB1.jpg]
Need to fix your image tag, Mellow.

You do raise good points. My idea for the examening table is also that it can be used in researching combining creatures like Human and Rat to make Ratmen, or Orc and Pig to make the Piggeh, for example.
Yeah that would be a good use for that as well. Not seeing were my img tag is messed up though...
the image tag was showing something like
[image: imageurl.jpg]
before, now the image is showing up and I can now say that's a good idea. +1
Weird, musta been a page blip...thanks man.
no problem.
So like the Arcanatory then?
A wizardry Laboratory, is what it is. Wink
I like the term Arcanium...just my 2 cents
I can dig it. Arcanium. A lot smoother than arcanatory.
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