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Full Version: Dwelvers - The Birth of Dwelvers
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I figured many members here would be interesting in seeing some of the earliest work Rasmus did on Dwelvers and some of the earliest discussions. You can read them on the Dungeon Master forum inthis thread. Cool
Thanks for the link. Very interesting to read the old posts and what has been incurred Shy
Yea +2 for that. Big Grin
I remember when Dwelvers was really dark, but hydraulics were been there.
Oh yeah, that forum brings by programming back many years to other projects as well Wink
Like this?

and this?

I feel really bad I didn't continue on CSBWin3D, the response for it was really good.
It's never too late to resume it. Just as long as it doesn't affect your Dwelvers development adversely.