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I have searching in the forum but nothing found about this....or I have bad looking.

This is not a forum game or something.
It would me very interest where are members come from in the world.
I think we are distributed around the world and that’s is very interest.

PS: I'm from SwitzerlandCool

I'm from Belgium Big Grin
I actually put this in my profile info since I'm really not worried about stalkers, or that anything would happen if someone knew where I live.

I'm one of the few people in Charlotte NC, in the US that was born and raised in this area. I now live in a small town called Mount Pleasant which is neither a mountain nor pleasant. On top of that the name of my road is Enchanted Lane despite it's lack of fairies and elves.
I live in Port Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver, on the "Wet" coast of Canada, shockingly enough it's wet and raining at I post this. Rolleyes

Here's a couple of shots of PoCo.
[Image: TAW4775.jpg]

An aerial nighttime shot of the city:
[Image: TAW4784.jpg]

and another taken in the daytime:
[Image: pqs8002.jpg]

Here is one of the many great views I get to enjoy:
[Image: NWI1935.jpg]
As I said in my introduction thread I'm from "the country of good beer, wodka, meat, Bigos and Pierogi". Big Grin

But my real country is the whole Earth, I don't see any boundaries when I look at the Earth picture made by satellite, the only limitation is law and language, but I care about whole Earth. Hope there are people here who are thinking the same. Big Grin
Very nice images SU Smile

I am from Sweden, Skåne. Skåne is what I could call for flatland which this image can prove:

[Image: flygfoto-e6-genom-skane-skane-lan-sverige-1409127.jpg]

I don't know if anyone have read "Nils Holgersson" which is a children's books by Selma Lagerlöf, but there Skåne is described as a "patchwork" which may not be that far off Tongue

But to be more precise I live in Malmö as seen here Smile

[Image: flygbild-vh-malmad.jpg?itok=YtbjRy1J]

We have some old landmarks like this castle:

[Image: DSC_0175_2010-04-11_17-14-11_640x425.JPG]

But also some new like the bride connecting Malmö and Denmark:

[Image: %C3%96resundsbron+1.jpg]

And this very huge building named "Turning Torso" that really sticks out from the rest of the city:

[Image: Malm%C3%B6-turnig-torso-v%C3%A4stra-hamnen-61.jpg]

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, but still small as it only has 275k citizens.
On a past forum, I used to know a member from Malmo, who was part of a rock band called Aerophoenix. Wonder if you've ever heard of them, Ras?

Those are beautiful shots Ras. I'll post a couple more shots, this time of Vancouver.

Vancouver's most famous bridge, Lion's Gate Bridge:
[Image: 8331794861_a5c3b3e73d_z.jpg]

and here's a couple of shot's of the renovated BC Place Stadium
[Image: vancouver-bc-place-stadium7.jpg] [Image: BC-Place-Roof-300x200.jpg]

This is what it looked like before the renos:
Ok, Picture Challenge:-)

The small city where i live In the canton of Thurgau
[Image: Bucht%20von%20Steinach%20und%20Arbon%20TG.jpg]


[Image: Full_cheese_fondue_set_-_in_Switzerland.JPG]

[Image: switzerland7.jpg]

I love to be outdoor in the Mountains to enjoy the nature without stress, construction sites, hectic, rushhour and masses of people in the City. We did have enough mountains:-)

[Image: switzerland-holidays-197.jpg]

[Image: switzerland-mountains-sunset.jpg]
Hmm picture challenge, jep lost we don't have special things: no tall buildings, no big bridges, no mountains, no flatland, no big waters, ...
@Topper: That's a gorgeous place you live in, it's definitely going on my "places I'd like to visit" list.

@Xiemas: I'm sure you have plenty of beautiful things where you live. Everywhere has something special, in my experience, and each place's special things are different from each other place. Go ahead and post some pics of your hometown/region.

while I'm at it, here's some shots I took myself:
of the local mountains with Vancouver sprawled out in the background:
[Image: 1500728021_eb11341c7a_o.jpg]

and one of the BC interior, the high alpine areas of Manning Park:
[Image: 9556881627_c02f0a0005_o.jpg]
Here's one of the local wildlife in Manning Park:
[Image: 9559411534_149e69b22c_o.jpg]
In general my country's land was always an object of desire. We have deserts/dunes, mountains, islands, different forests, swamps, lakes, rivers, sea. I could say that we don't have only glaciers and volcanoes. What's more the whether is very stabile

I see there are many amazing pictures of your countries, let me share some from mine:

[Image: poland.jpg]
South, Bieszczady mountains.

[Image: The%20Tatras%20in%20Poland.jpg]
South, Tatras mountains.

[Image: z11614402V,Castles-and-palaces--Legends-...-kings.jpg]

[Image: poland-vacation-rentals.jpg]
North, Baltic sea and Gdańsk bay.

[Image: 8541507d-7ce4-4cda-b0c3-398ecd371d2b.file]
North, Sand dunes near Łeba.

[Image: BRSRP01.jpg]
West, Bystrzyca river swamps.

[Image: 4a5a7f99d5eb2c9009588fd713092ad8.jpg]
East, Wolin island's shoreline.
Gorgeous pictures, Sebt. Yet another place I'm gonna want to visit during this lifetime. Smile
Geographically, I am from the Glorious Empire of New Zealand [sorry about the over-the-top patriotism], but generally, I am in a similar boat to Sebt. The way I see it, we are all related if you go back far enough, so what do things like political boundaries really matter?
Urgh, I just thought about that, and it reminded me I was related to whoever came up with Dungeon Keeper Mobile...
(26-06-2014, 10:03 AM)Shadow of the Impanzee Wrote: [ -> ]Urgh, I just thought about that, and it reminded me I was related to whoever came up with Dungeon Keeper Mobile...

I can think of worse people.. No wait.. I can't..
(26-06-2014, 08:14 PM)Rasmus Wrote: [ -> ]
(26-06-2014, 10:03 AM)Shadow of the Impanzee Wrote: [ -> ]Urgh, I just thought about that, and it reminded me I was related to whoever came up with Dungeon Keeper Mobile...

I can think of worse people.. No wait.. I can't..

hahaha, it takes a certain kind of person to design a game with "microtransactions" bigger then the purchase price of most normal games. Big Grin

The few games I can think of that actually cost more then the largest "microtransaction" in DKM was also made by the same company. Hmm, I guess I can think of a worse person then the developer of DKM, the CEO and board of directors of EA that set the policy of making those sort of games.Wink
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