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Full Version: 2014.04.19 - Left to do before releasing Dwelvers Alpha v0.7
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Thanks guys. Smile
- The piggeh and the workbench will not be added to this next release, I will probably add them before the steam release, but not to this one.
- The leather will drop from killed enemies just as the bones (this is just temporary to solve the issue of items being introduced to the game before the buildings that makes them).
- The group squad system will also be put on hold unfortunately.
- The forum move is now completed.
- I have added and completed "Redo the water physics and visual appearance".
- The tutorial is finished, all that is left is the Dark Mother voice telling the player how to behave Tongue
- Only 2 bugs left in the bug/issue topic regarding the savegame.
- The mouse rotation can now be inverted.

All that is left now is some further bugchecking and getting it balanced.

I have moved the release date from the 25:th to the 30:th.
(25-05-2014, 08:09 AM)Rasmus Wrote: [ -> ]I have moved the release date from the 25:th to the 30:th.

My sunday is gone...:-) My anticipation grows immeasurably!

Good luck for the last bugs to kill them:-)
Ooh you are almost there!

Can't wait. Crap I have exams the week after the release...
Come on really :p

Nicely done Rasmus!
I know what I'm doing all next weekend...and sleep isn't part of that.
Big Grin I wonder why? Big Grin

I'll definitely be busy next weekend, and working won't be a part of that business. Tongue

Haha, you guys Big Grin
oooh, seing as i've just returned dunno if i want to go play with the current version or wait for 0.7
Why not to play both? You would be completely surprised how much has changed. Big Grin
WB Ascdren! I would say the current version is worth a go if you hadn't already. At least something to compare to the next release like Sebt said.
Welcome back Ascdren! Cool

I'd also say just play both. The next version looks like it's going to be different enough that the experience will be very different then the 0.6c gameplay was. In a good way too. Besides, what else are you going to do over the next week? Play EA's pay, pay, pay version of DK? Tongue
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