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0.7e - Crash after storage room separation - RestOne - 17-07-2014


Sorry if this issue has already been reported, but i haven't found anything similar to this.

I've built 2 storage rooms, for different kinds of ressources. While i tried to expand one of them, it collided with the other storage room. So the game made 1 huge storage room out of the previous 2.
I preferred to keep the two storage rooms and devided the huge one. At this point the first one had all its old settings, but the second one was just the old storage room without flag or sign. As I tried to set a new flag to the second storage room, the game crashed.

Maybe it was just some coincidence, but I still wanted to report this crash.

Greetings from Germany!

RE: - Rasmus - 17-07-2014

Welcome to the forum RestOne Smile

It is possible that something like this can cause a crash, I will have to look into it. In the meanwhile, is it possible for you to produce the crash again?

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes.

RE: 0.7e - Crash - After storage room separation - RestOne - 17-07-2014

So i tried to reproduce the scenario.
I build it in a small and medium size, but nothing happend.
I can only image, that the game crashed because of the amount of stored resources, or just out of sheer fun.
I'm going to look out for something similar, and let you know, if anything happens Smile

RE: 0.7e - Crash - After storage room separation - RestOne - 17-07-2014

So i got it again, but i think it's more like this here: v0.7e - crash - delivery flag crash

I tried it again, and it crashed because of the new placement of the flag!

So i moved the flag to a new place, and the game froze + the same error.

RE: 0.7e - Crash - After storage room separation - RestOne - 18-07-2014

So i got 2 savefiles where the error is "forced". I just built huge storage rooms and tried to move the flags and there the game allways freezes. There is no crashreport from the debugger Undecided

Hope this might help to locate the problem...

edit: So at the storage_test file i got the freeze by moving the flag quickly. And at the DC file, i got the freeze by moving the flag on the lower storage room, no matter how i moved it.

RE: - Rasmus - 19-07-2014

Thank you Smile

RE: - Rasmus - 20-08-2014

Solved with the next version, I take it that this issue is the same as this one: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=1021 the freezing behaviour before the crash are exactly the same.

RE: - Mello Tonin - 02-09-2014

This looks to be solved, but I would like to make an amendment which is related to splitting up a Storage Room to become 2 smaller rooms.

So like in the example, I split a rather large Storage Room in 2 which had several thousand resources in it. No crashes, and one of the Storage Rooms maintains the storage options I set in the Information window. I then merge the 2 back together, and while there was no crash, my storage options were lost and I had to reconfigure them. It would be nice if it retained those settings.

RE: - Rasmus - 02-09-2014

Okay, I will put this one as solved but create another topic about the loss of information.