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Dwelvers Early Access Trailer (feedback needed) - Rasmus - 04-09-2014

Dwelvers Early Access Trailer

Version 3 (feedback needed on this one):

Version 2:

Version 1:

I have finished the trailer video, but before I post it I would like some feedback on it. If anyone finds any minor issues with spelling or annoying behaviour in the trailer just let me know Smile

This video is still UNLISTED, it can be accessed, but please, DON'T SHARE IT'S LINK just yet. This is because the trailer may still need some editing and then I will have to remove this one and upload another.

RE: - TopperHarley - 04-09-2014

I like this video.
Maybe you can still additionally show the crafting and equipment menu?
The only thing I do not like is the hectic camera:-)
This is perhaps because the game speed are fast

But that should only my opinion and are not simply to handled:-)

RE: - DrBoom - 04-09-2014

I would soooo buy this game after seeing that video!!! Oh wait, I already did heheheh. Wink

RE: - Mello Tonin - 04-09-2014

When your video clip image has 'Brew beer and bake bread', how can you get any better than that?! Thought it looked pretty good. This game has come so far...

RE: - Excess - 05-09-2014

My 2 cents. I'll try to make suggestions which are doable in the short amount of time you have left:

  1. I'm not a fan of the sped up gameplay. I understand you have to keep it short and sweet, but as it is I couldn't really appreciate what was going on, and I already know the game by heart (at least up to .0.7). I would slow down the speed a notch, even if it meant showing less time from each "feature".
  2. Talking about the feature shots, in almost all of them you make small adjustments to the camera at the start of each one, which bothered me a little bit. I would cut them out completely and show only from where the camera is already steady (except on the fights, obviously).
  3. I would also make the very first panning round you make with the camera a little bit slower. It was to fast for my furious. You need to start the video slow and build the emotions up to the final battle.
  4. I suggest ending it with a very short, mysterious and thrilling take of a possessed first-person-view orc about to be hit by a cyclotaur. That would spark some intrigue in the players, and hopefully encourage some sales!

Hope it helps Smile

RE: - Mello Tonin - 05-09-2014

AB-so-lutely to Excess' #4. GREAT idea!

RE: - Rasmus - 05-09-2014

Thank you all for the feedback!

So avoid fast forward and moving the camera, then add possession into the trailer. I will do that today, then upload the new trailer.

RE: - DrBoom - 05-09-2014

After re-reviewing the trailer. You might want to emphasize a little more on the mobs being able to break into your domain/fortress. Just a thought.

RE: - Rasmus - 05-09-2014

Trailer version 2 uploaded.

Feedback? Smile

RE: - Rasmus - 05-09-2014

Minions are spelled wrong, I know Sad

RE: - Ardilor - 05-09-2014

0:44-1:11 - I don't like this part, since there are so many cuts and it's too long.
Generally it's fine keep it up. Smile

RE: - Mello Tonin - 05-09-2014

Actually I think it's too slow a bit past the 1:11 mark you were mentioning. I know there's a happy medium there somewhere. Perhaps we could make this a challenge. Have people from the forum try to compile a trailer, and let everyone decide which one they like the best? Or just get a montage together and you could add the sound and text to it after the fact? And really the time frame should stay between 2.5 - 3 minutes. What do you guys think?

RE: - Sebt - 05-09-2014

Keep it up guys, one day and so many feedbacks! Smile
When we have more resources we need some experience too, so squeeze that trailer like barman a lemon and write about even the smallest thing that could be improved!

I like the idea of using possession to enchant atmosphere in video. I'm also with not speeding up the game, everything should act in real time, so player could get accustomed with game pace and physics. I watched many trailers - where there is fast action showed (in most part) trailers are usually 2-3 minutes long, when something slowed or emotional it usually lasts after 3,5-4,5 minutes, of course videos are balanced so there's is slow and fast action together, but never lasts longer, we can't exhaust watchers, but make the remember and want to replay many times. Big Grin

In actual trailer Surface world could be showed as deep mystery undiscovered, dangerous place, hidden from us, that's a big surprise especially to dungeon keeper fans that expected DK 3 of taking place also on surface world.

RE: - Rasmus - 06-09-2014

Okay, the video has been shortened severely, third try, here we go.

Don't forget to give feedback if possible Smile

RE: - Mello Tonin - 06-09-2014

Third times a charm! I think you got your trailer now. Looks good!