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Steamguide for New Players! - Smashwutz - 26-09-2014

Hello all,

With this game coming to steam I figured soon there would be lots of new people asking basic questions and so I made a relatively basic guide for steam.

I think I have most of it right, but any real pros out there that want to check it and let me know of any corrections


Hopefully it should help to answer some newer players questions!

RE: - Rasmus - 27-09-2014

Very nice Big Grin +3 to you! Thank you Smile

I will check it out if there are any needs for corrections on Monday. My weekend are unfortunately full booked Sad

RE: - Sebt - 27-09-2014

This is great! I watched your all videos and must say they're pretty well explaining game mechanics, curious what would you show about hydraulics, +4 for this from me. Smile
This reminds me how much we need to update if it comes to game database of all in-game features.

I also moved this to Community creations forum.