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0.8k - Ghosts halt creature production - Mello Tonin - 05-03-2015

If you have a creature class converted to a ghost, then no more of that creature gets spawned. You can see this happen to my Fishmen and Piggehs in the save from the post I made about the elusive floating root which I now see is useless for that, but helpful here maybe.


RE: - Rasmus - 06-03-2015

Interesting! Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!

RE: - Mello Tonin - 06-03-2015

What is happening is these ghosts are getting hungry and tired which is not supposed to happen. I don't know if that plays a role in this issue or not.

RE: - Rasmus - 06-03-2015

That definitely plays a role, because if one creature is hungry or tired then the production will stop.

RE: - Rasmus - 06-03-2015

Hotfix released with this issue solved! But need confirmation Tongue

RE: - Mello Tonin - 06-03-2015

Gonna check this when I get home, should be in an hour and a half.

...Looks like that solved it on my 0.8k save. I'll start a new game for my 'Easy' run in 0.8k2 to be sure since my 0.8kEasy save is hosed.

- 0.8k2 shows no hindrance of creature production after hours of play and quite a few ghosts.

RE: - Sebt - 10-03-2015

Great, thanks for confirmation. Smile