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good books - Xaos - 25-08-2015

Anyone have any book recommendations? I like to read, but I haven't found any new books that I'm interested in. I like any Genre.

One of my book collection that I recently re-read was:

Villains By Necessity by Eve Forward.

This book would by right up your alley as it fits with this game.

Brief plot synapsis:

The world has been overcome by the forces of good. In order to prevent the destruction of the world due to cosmic imbalance, a group of villains have to team up to save the world.

Its a really good read.

RE: - Mello Tonin - 25-08-2015

When I do read, which is pretty rare since I just can't stare at words on a page for too long, I tend to go scifi. Pretty much anything by Ray Bradbury or Michael Crichton. Also loved the Dragonriders of Pern series which is ginormous by Anne McCaffrey. Read a bunch of Star Wars off-shoots (the Thrawn Trilogy was really good by Timothy Zahn), and one of my all-time favorite series which got made into a movie recently that turned out pretty good for a movie based on a book was Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

RE: good books - Harvest - 13-11-2019

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