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Dwelvers has a wiki... - Xaos - 03-09-2015

Lol I just realized that there is a wiki page here.

I found this part to be very interesting:


The player will also have the option to cast spells as soon as the Library and the Dark Church has been built.

In the library Vampires, Dark Angels, Reapers and Demigods can research spells for you, and the higher the creature’s upgrade is, the stronger spells can be researched.

The Dark Churches are used for creatures to come and pray to you, and as their prayers reach you, your mana will increase. This mana can then be used as a currency when casting spells that has been researched.

If the player announces to the creatures that they are soon to go to war, they will prepare by being well rested and by stocking up their health and mana potions. As the time for the attack approaches they will go to the Dark Churches and pray for a successful battle, and thereby filling up the Dark Lord’s mana reserves so that he can cast all the spells he needs when the battle comes.

The player can also command certain creatures to devote their life to the church. These creatures will pray daily to the Dark Lord, but as a downside they will become pacifists.

Is this still in the works? I look forward to seeing it!!!

RE: - Mello Tonin - 03-09-2015

I don't know where that info came from as it's not something we've ever discussed here. Not totally opposed to it, but the creatures mentioned don't really tie in with the current creature design. Who knows...

RE: - Sebt - 04-09-2015

Heh, this info is old as the old is the website, it was the first concept for spells. I don't know what are actual plans for spells now, because as you can see - description of spells is very Dungeon Keeper-ish, but Dwelvers went onto it's own way, becoming farther and farther away from Dungeon Keeper mechanics and appearance, so I think we'll know more about spells when Rasmus will start to make the whole mechanics of spells (which are now put on shelve to make a place for more important core mechanics).

RE: - Rasmus - 08-09-2015

Hmm, yeah, that one could need an update... The same goes for this: http://dwelvers.com/gameplay/

I need to find a more efficient way to keep the information up to date, everything changes so quickly. Perhaps it is better not having any information at all than misleading information.

RE: Dwelvers has a wiki... - Xaos - 08-09-2015

(08-09-2015, 09:06 AM)Rasmus Wrote: Hmm, yeah, that one could need an update... The same goes for this: http://dwelvers.com/gameplay/

I need to find a more efficient way to keep the information up to date, everything changes so quickly. Perhaps it is better not having any information at all than misleading information.

I actually enjoy seeing how the development process has gone from earlier conceptions. I would actually line to know more. stuff like: What is being worked on? What ideas never really panned out so they got scrapped?

RE: - Rasmus - 11-09-2015

Yeah, but the only thing I am afraid of is confusing people (new players) by showing of scrapped ideas.
I am talking to Sebt setting a sort of to-do list in action.

RE: - Sebt - 12-09-2015

As we could say for example that Dark Dwarf had been replaced with an Orc in later game development, as I'm not sure if for new people, potential players it has any value - every potential player is searching for what actually already is in the game, what is its state, are developers keeping the game stable and do updates frequently, etc.

Dwelvers is also changing quite frequently, many features are changed, more is added - that may require to post really much stuff on website about the old game features and it needs much more additional time to write about scrapped ideas, etc. We don't have that much time and too much info placed on website about certain things may only confuse the visitor on Dwelvers website (maybe except a really hardcore fan of Dwelvers Big Grin).

The idea of putting there info about future plans is a good think and as Rasmus said something like to-do list will be implemented. Smile

RE: Dwelvers has a wiki... - Goblin_Priest - 24-03-2016

Indeed, I find it hard to get info on new (and old) features. I opened up Dwelvers the other day, after a few months of not playing, and wow! Mushrooms! What do they do? I don't know... Game doesn't tell me. I look up the patch notes, I don't see any mention of it. I look it up on google, and all I find is the page where someone suggests them, and then poof, there they are. Do they do anything? Doesn't tell me. Last time I looked up the wiki, it was so outdated and laggy, I dare not open it up again. I also see rats, now: again, no mention of them in the patch notes. What do they do? Beats me. I discovered that they can be lured and barbecued, but to what ends? Does everyone eat them, or just some minions? I don't know.

I think more scroll-over help, in-game, would be nice. There are many resource icons which I don't find overly clear. Gold looks like a bunch of bread buns, for example, and iron ore like caltrops. In most games, if you put the mouse over an icon, it tells you what that icon represents, and I think this would be really nice for Dwelvers too. Same with creatures: okay, I've got rogues now... what are they good for? Fishmen? While I understand that some games, and I think Dwelvers is one of them, like to have the players discover things for himself, I find this style somewhat frustrating, especially when it is for the basic information. And some things are just so obscure it's just impossible to know if it's intended or a bug. For example, I can't cut trees down anymore. I click on them as I used to, and they get highlighted, but I never see workers go to the surface now. Do I need to do something new to get them up there? It's rather frustrating to be permanently wood-starved. Needless to say, a lot of things stop working when wood runs out... Or the spells, why is it I can't mind control anymore? Sometimes I can, other times, I've got the spell selected, but when I try to click on units, it'll just select them, it won't cast the spell. Seems rather random. Is there mana of some sort, is this a bug, or is there a restriction I'm not aware of? With so little available information on how things are supposed to work, it's hard to know if things are working as intended or if the mechanic is bugged out.

RE: - Rasmus - 24-03-2016

I'm working on making the game better with tooltips etc. with the latest video I made explaining the new UI system that is going to be released with the new version I forgot to mention that individual objects can be selected now as well and not the whole tile. This makes it way easier for me to add tool tips explaining specific objects in the dungeon.

RE: Dwelvers has a wiki... - IntX - 13-07-2016

Is some of the creatures mentioned in the wiki in the game (like vampires)? After doing a couple of play throughs, I have seen 8 creature types in the game so far.

RE: - Rasmus - 17-07-2016

Hi IntX, welcome to the forum, no sorry, the wiki is heavily outdated. It was something written in the beginning of the game design and the game has taken another direction since.