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Environment Mechanics - Surface territory - Rasmus - 22-10-2015

I have now added so that the player can expand his territory on the surface as well:


But it does work a little bit differently here than in the dungeon. Firstly the ground don't have to be claimed to get the territory, all that is required is that a battle ready creature is somewhat nearby and the ground will become player territory. If an enemy then walks over the player territory he will reclaim it and the player will not own the territory any more unless he kills the enemy and walks back over the territory.

What this feature does to the game is that imps can't pick up items on the surface unless it is on player territory, by doing this we will avoid huge amounts of imps laying dead on the surface, secondly the player get visual access to the land that is under his territory even if there are no player owned creature there. This will be of help later on as a warning when more enemies walk the surface.

What do you think?

RE: - Sebt - 22-10-2015

So it's exactly like in Dungeons 2 - where your creatures steps (and kills the enemy if it's required) there land is claimed under your control.

RE: - Rasmus - 22-10-2015

Ah, I didn't know Wink Great minds think alike Tongue

RE: - Mello Tonin - 22-10-2015

Glad to see I won't be making leather and bones from my Imps anymore. This was a really good idea.

RE: - simrobert2001 - 23-10-2015

OH, I love this idea.