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2017.12.02 - Dwelvers 0.11.15 is now released on Steam - Rasmus - 02-12-2017

2017.12.02 - Dwelvers Journal - Dwelvers v0.11.15 is now released on Steam

Hi all Smile

Dwelvers 0.11.15 has been released on Steam! It has been over a year since the last update on Steam so this is a really big step, My hopes have been to turn some of those negative reviews around about the game has been abandoned.
So to make this release as good as possible we have done some serious bug testing on the Dwelvers forum. Three weeks ago I released Dwelvers exclusively on the Dwelvers website, and during that time up until now the forum users have been really good at reporting all the bugs they could find. Well, they have reported small bugs and big bugs, and in total they reported 85 bugs. And 81 of them has been solved Big Grin
So my hope now is that this will be the most stable release ever on Steam!

So what's new since the last Steam release? I've been making some smaller news post about the progress up until now, but I feel like it is the time to sum it all up Smile

SMP are no longer publishers of Dwelvers

I ended my cooperation with SMP so now they don't get any cuts from the Dwelvers sale. There was a lot of unhappiness about SMP in general, and a lot of it spilled over on Dwelvers. So therefore I decided to start new and bought their shares in the game.

If you'd like you can read more about it here.

Graphics Reworked

As a developer I know that what takes the longest time to develop in a game is usually what is seen the least. So therefore I took some time picking some low hanging fruits, and this was the graphics! I also felt like this was something I had to do because I know that this game engine has so much potential, and somewhere down the road I let the graphics stray down the wrong path. So I gave it a shot and updated the lightning, water, lava and the rock. So here are some screenshots:

[Image: ScreenshotDungeonTopView.jpg]

[Image: ScreenshotExcavation.jpg]

[Image: ScreenshotLava.jpg]

If you'd like you can read more about it here.

New radial menu and UI graphics

The biggest feature I've been working on since the last release is the new radial menu. The main purpose of this was to remove all the build-options from the bottom bar and put them all into the radial menu that is controlled by the mouse. Why I didn't do this in earlier versions is because we had a huge amount of building options that couldn't be presented efficiently enough in the radial menu.

So that's where the new system comes in. Now you can select almost anything in the dungeon such as bar tables, farm gates and construction sites and get information about these individual buildings. In earlier version you selected the whole tile, and this tile could for example contain a farm room, farm land and farm gates. Which made it very hard to separate the information.

So now when right-clicking on an object you only get the actions available for you that you can do, which filters down the options dramatically and make the game play much more intuitive.

Here's some screenshots of the new UI:

[Image: RadialMenu.jpg]

[Image: BuildingSites.jpg]

If you'd like you can read more about it here.


So as you can see here we now have achievements in game and synced with Steam:
  • First cyclotaur - Create a cyclotaur creature.
  • Conquer all portals - Conquer all the human spawning portals in the dungeon.
  • Catch first fish - Catch a fish by building a bridge out to a school of fish.
  • Build all rooms - Unlock and build all rooms types.
  • First trade - Make a trade with other collonizations.
  • Imp army - Own 50 or more imp creatures.
  • Learn barrel roll - Level up an impanzee to learn the creature skill barrel roll.
  • Learn bull rush - Level up an cyclotaur to learn the creature skill bull rush.
  • Learn butchering - Level up an piggeh to learn the creature skill butchering.
  • Learn frog tongue - Level up an fishman to learn the creature skill frog tongue.
  • Learn hurricane - Level up an knight to learn the creature skill hurricane.
  • Learn steal - Level up an rogue to learn the creature skill steal.
  • Learn stunning block - Level up an orc to learn the creature skill stunning block.
  • Learn teleport - Level up an imp to learn the creature skill teleport.

[Image: AchievementsMainMenu.jpg]

If you'd like you can read more about it here.

Final words

So I really hope you like this new version, and if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know in the comment section below Smile
I must say that some of the comments you have given me earlier have given me so much motivation in the development, and for that I'm eternally grateful Big Grin

Dwelvers Alpha v0.11.15 is available for download at the Dwelvers Website and on Steam.

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RE: 2017.12.02 - Dwelvers 0.11.15 is now released on Steam - Rasmus - 08-12-2017

(08-12-2017, 10:09 AM)lemonrev Wrote: 11.16 i am not sure if you can pick it up or not but its slowing down during massive battles.


Thank you for reporting this Smile
lemonrev, I moved your post here:
I will take a look at your problem, but please try to post error reports in the bug, issues and crashes in this forum: Smile

RE: 2017.12.02 - Dwelvers 0.11.15 is now released on Steam - Rasmus - 16-12-2017

Dwelvers v0.11.17 hotfix is no released addressing some bug fixes.

Lemonrev: I haven't been able to address your issue with huge battles creating a performance drop, could you check out this topic and perhaps send me a save game when this is happening for you?