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The Minion dump technique of DK... - Stabicus - 22-06-2013

Just remember the old dungeon keeper becoming a grab all the guys you can and drop em on the enemy kinda thing...Kinda ruined it for me...planning anything different? Not that I wont be playing regardless...PS been spamming Kotaku for someone to give this game some attention...Maybe they will...heres hoping

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - SabotageTheFool - 22-06-2013

I feel you still need to be able to physically move things >_< Especially Imps for prioritizing jobs. Maybe only if you can physically move Imps but you can make warps for your fighting creatures held by mana?

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - Rasmus - 22-06-2013

There have been many suggestions about that, the first and most obvious one is to just pick up the imps and drop them at a location where you want them to work.
Other ideas is to be able to mark out an area you want the imps to prioritise, almost like the "call to arms" spell, but for the works. And instead of the "call to arms" spell when calling to battle, I was thinking about making a portals, one source and one destination portal. So if the player create a source portal in his lair, the creatures will be attracted to it and enter it (fully armed), and then they will pop out at the location the player made a destination portal.. This idea have some flaws atm, because the player should only be able to put the destination portal at his own territory, otherwise he could jump right into the enemies dungeon, and if I put the dest portal at my own tiles I would have to redo it over and over again as I progress into the enemies lair.. So a "call to arms" spell is still needed in that case Undecided I will have to keep thinking about it Smile

For those of you how don't know how the "call to arms" spell work:
The player could put up a flag anywhere in the dungeon, and the creatures would be drawn to it, killing and destroying any enemy creature or anything blocking their way to the flag.

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - Stabicus - 22-06-2013

Yeah I was thinking something like the alarm system in Evil Genius...which basically sets up a place you would put the enemy detector ( Camera for evil genius maybe guard post for this) and then link it to the siren / alarm wherever you wanted to put it....hatchery lair etc...Not sure how you guys feel but grabbing imps sounds good...and maybe possession and personally lead the assualt to the area...that would be kinda cool...Id be ok not picking up the monsters...seems to kinda defeat the purpose of a good dungeon if you just drop everything on em when they cross into your area...a better wall reinforcement would be nice too....force people to travel thru your dungeon layout...not just hammer thru all your walls...well at least make it take alot longer...this may only apply to a multiplayer I guess...just brain storming stuff I didnt care for...

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - Seriously Unserious - 24-06-2013

Stabicus Wrote:a better wall reinforcement would be nice too....force people to travel thru your dungeon layout...not just hammer thru all your walls
Yeah, I found that annoying in the original DK. I would go to all this trouble to make a good dungeon design, only to have the hero party smash right through all the walls and just ignore my dungeon layout. So yeah, I'd love the dungeon layout to actually mean something in DD.

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - SabotageTheFool - 25-06-2013

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVtinv5LSnE">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVtinv5LSnE</a><!-- m -->

We need a way to embed videos Sad

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - BlueFreakQ - 25-06-2013

There way minion assignment and priority has worked in this genre has has followed a pattern that really annoys me - no matter what an imp is doing, if I click on a block to dig out, every imp comes running - stopping whatever they were doing. If you plot out more then a small hallway in this manner it can be a significant time before any of the imps return to doing non-digging and claiming duties. Most of the time, the duties being ignored are the more important ones, time-sensitive ones, etc. I would love the ability to assign an imp to a given task (for example, it would be great to have one imp always getting water, one farming, and one brewing - while the other 5+ can do the digging.) Two different directions you could go with this. The simplest way would be to select a room or furniture item (farm plot, well, storage room, brewery) and have a box/button/slider/drop-down or + & - to set a number of imps to that task. A more involved method would be to have creatures individually selectable either directly or through the creature panel, and bring up a creature profile, with the option to assign a task. This would give the opportunity to display a lot more detailed information about the creature, and open up a means for tracking and displaying experience, accomplishments?, feats? and leveling creatures up. I also like the idea of assigning more powerful, summoned creatures as managers/taskmasters to a certain room. This would improve efficiency/production relative to the level and type of creature. Having combat-focused creatures become more valuable off the battlefield not only makes them more useful - it forces the player to choose - where is that creature more valuable? "He's my strongest melee fighter, and deals lots of damage - but he could also improve beer production by 30% - ahhh, what to do?"

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - Seriously Unserious - 25-06-2013

@BFQ: I love those ideas. Having specialization and control options for when micromanaging the dungeon is needed/preferred is a good idea. Both ideas for controlling task assignments are good, and I'll add another one for those that don't want to do the micromanaging that those options entail: add a priority level for each task, so the higher the priority of a task, the more likely an imp will do that task. For tasks like using a particular room, item or other task the priority could be set by selecting the room/item/task in question and assigning a priority level to it, so if you have a section of tunnel you want your imps to dig out, but only when they have some spare time to do so, you could select some walls for digging, select the dig project and set it's priority low, So only imp that don't have any other task to do will go there and dig.

I'd also like to have the ability to set task priorities globally as well. For example, if you need beer desperately, and your storerooms are filled to overflowing with wheat and water, you could set the priority of all beer breweries to a higher level and it would affect all of them at the same time. On the other hand, if beer brewing is getting slowed due to a lack of wheat, and you know you have plenty of farms but the imps who are supposed to be tending those farms keep getting distracted by other less urgent tasks, you can raise the priority level of the farming so imps will stay at your farms working the fields and get some wheat ready for your breweries.

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - Rasmus - 28-06-2013

I was thinking on something like having a prioritize menu where the player can choose a certain percentage of the imps doing different things, in that way one imp will only prioritize brewing beer while another one only prioritize digging and claiming paths and so on.. I don't want it to have to much micro management, so I prefer giving orders more globally than just putting one imp to one task. One way to control it more directly would be to give the rooms a prioritize menu of their own. Hmmm...

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - Seriously Unserious - 28-06-2013

That would be great. I'd love to at least have the option to prioritize production for an individual room or project when I need to. For example, if I set up 2 digging projects, say one to the north of the Dark Mother, the other to the south of her, but the one to the north is more urgent, I could click on it and raise it's priority so the imps will finish that project first. On the other hand, if I also had set up another dig project to the west, but I don't need that territory for a long time, I could set that task to be frozen, or have a 0 priority or 0 imps assigned to it, or whatever, so that no imps will dig there until I change the priority level of it.

I'd also like to have a "normal" or "default" level of priority that behaves pretty much as the current priority system does, except that any imps on a higher priority task will not stop the task for a normal level task.

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - ShadowTiger - 27-07-2013

How about the designating of "zones" via a square selection tool, and then the ability to designate specific Imps to handle tasks within that zone?

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - Rasmus - 27-07-2013

That is a really good idea! As the farmers only need access to water and the farm, it would be very easy to designate a zone that certain imps could prioritize.. But maybe it would be even easier to instead of marking out a square where the imps should perform their task the player instead select the different rooms.. So let say that I select one farm, one well and one storageroom, then the assigned imp can only work within those buildings.. Then we can select one brewery, one well and the same storage room so that a assigned imp only will work there.. I may use that idea, I like it Smile

And the imps that aren't assigned to any specific "web" of rooms, will prioritize digging and so on..

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - ShadowTiger - 27-07-2013

Cool beans. I was fighting with myself between having some global sliders of priority with a display of each room (that has been unlocked) with a number beneath it, with the lowest number being of the highest priority for all imps, such that no two rooms can have the same number. But that can work on top of the system that you just discussed one post up from this one. That could actually override the numerical priority system, actually.

We uh, can't slap imps, can we? Tongue I don't care or anything, really. I never liked slapping imps. I'd decorate my dungeon in a lovely velvet purple if I could.

Re: The Minion dump technique of DK... - Rasmus - 28-07-2013

I guess you are thinking on the menus, that below the room icon a slider can be put to set the priority for that specific room type.. There can be a problem there because that would effect all the rooms of the same type, and maybe you don't want that.. Maybe some breweries should be prioritized more than other because of their location and so on.. Maybe we can have both ways somehow, affecting all rooms of the same types and also being able to effect specific rooms...

We will see.. If the imps have been naughty they must be punished somehow Wink

RE: The Minion dump technique of DK... - johnfavors557 - 04-01-2021

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