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Product Idea - Mithril - palandus - 05-12-2013

• Mithril •

Mithril should be a light metal that is extremely strong and extremely rare. Mithril could be used to make extremely powerful weapons, armor, and could create special creatures (such as a Golem made of Mithril).

It should be difficult to find it. As the material is so strong, mining it is also difficult. Consider making the mining animation 2-3 times longer for mining a mithril deposit.

This would be a silvery white metal that is extremely light, strong and rare. It should be found in deposits deep in the earth, and not near the surface.

Highlight: Used for making some of the best items or golems in the game.

RE: Environment - Mithril - Mello Tonin - 05-12-2013

Rare minerals have been discussed. Mithril is pretty mainstream so it wouldn't be surprising to see this added.

RE: Environment - Mithril - Sebt - 05-12-2013

Added to Ideas & Game Features list!

RE: Environment - Mithril - Rasmus - 05-12-2013

It will probably be added, but right now there are soo many other items that needs to be added as well. I try to keep my adding of resources in a way so that they follow eachother. Like first I added water, then wheat, then flour, then bread.. So once I start on the blacksmith I will have a lot of other items that will needed to be added before I go to mithril.