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Creature Idea - Helot - Rikus Khan - 31-12-2013

OK, so I just posted a suggestion for a Worker Imp. During that post I was struck by another idea to server the same mechanic, but it fits more along the lines of an evil dungeon master AND gets the players to fight.


Helots are captured enemies put to use performing mundane tasks like farming, smelting, cooking, etc. Certain helots can perform tasks better than others. Knights can smelt faster than fishman; who can fish better than anyone. Impanzies are good at gathering food. Future enemies can cook and gather resources lying around. They will need a master to watch over them. I'll let someone else suggest that creature. I'm tired of posting today.

Same as before, but maybe they have a ball and chain .. of course the knight has no weapon or armor. Hunched over and sad face bubbles would be a nice touch.

Highlight: Automated performance of mundane tasks: farming, smelting, cooking, etc.
Acquired By: Player
Cost: They need to be captured, tortured and the master must have an empty spot. Each master can only rule over so many.
Attack Form: Melee
Weapon: Fist
Armor: None
Attack Power: Low
Defense: Low
Health Points: Low
Attack Speed: Moderate
Movement Speed: Above Low
Resistances: None
Job: Farming, Smelting, Cooking, etc.
Entertainment: Escaping, Death

Passive Abilities:
(P1) Insanity - The chance a helot will revolt and attack their Master. Something like:
(Number of similar helot types/Masters on duty) * (number of minutes as helot * 0.1). Example: You have two Knight helots who have been in your one Master's service for 100 minutes. (2/1)*(100*0.1) = 2 * 10 = 20% to revolt and attack the Master for all helots of that type - a single roll, not one for each.
(P2) Make a Break for It - A chance for any single helot to run to the nearest portal and they can open doors. They have a 50% chance to dodge any attack including traps. If they reach the portal, they reappear with allies equal to the number of minutes they have been a helot divided by 30 rounded up. They will be healed and carry the normal amount of armor and weapons. They Chance they would run should be tied to the number of Master on duty: (total number of helots / Masters on duty ) = % chance to run. This could be checked every 30 minutes and the runner could be a random helot.

Active Abilities:

The Helots introduce some interesting mechanics into the game. They help you automate mundane tasks while forcing you to go get them from the enemy. Also, they keep you on your toes by having chances to tear you a new one.

RE: Helots - New Creature - Seriously Unserious - 31-12-2013

This is a good idea, and there's another creature that's already been proposed that would be the perfect master for these Helots, the Lady of Pain.

RE: Helots - New Creature - Sebt - 01-01-2014

Added to Ideas & Game Features list. Also please name topic in that format, so like: Category - IdeaName neXt time. :p

RE: Helots - New Creature - Seriously Unserious - 01-01-2014

nest time?! So are we to make our suggestions in the form of nests now? Tongue

I'll assume you meant next time... Tongue

RE: Creature - Helot - Sebt - 01-01-2014

(01-01-2014, 08:34 PM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: nest time?! So are we to make our suggestions in the form of nests now? Tongue

I'll assume you meant next time... Tongue

Your assumption was right, edited. Tongue

RE: Creature - Helot - Rikus Khan - 02-01-2014

(01-01-2014, 08:34 PM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: nest time?! So are we to make our suggestions in the form of nests now? Tongue

I'll assume you meant next time... Tongue

Dangit Serious, I looked my post over like five times checking for where I screwed up. I couldn't even find any of that in my post. I went to reread you post again and I saw Sebt's reply. Ok, good to know even the Great and Powerful Sebt can fat finger a key occasionally.

RE: Creature - Helot - Seriously Unserious - 02-01-2014

[Image: laughing-smiley-001.gif]

RE: Creature - Helot - Rasmus - 03-01-2014

A little off-topic. But at some point we have to introduce a "Sebt creature" in the game, a sneaky little creature that goes around and correct the dungeon after his own rules Wink

RE: Creature - Helot - Seriously Unserious - 03-01-2014

[Image: speechless-smiley-032.gif] oh-no, my devious dungeon will become all straight lines, and perfectly predictable hallways to perfectly neat rooms, with a perfectly understandable and clear of cluttery traps route to my Dark Mother for all my enemies to march right down. Confused And then he's come for the rest of you, doing the same thing... Dodgy Tongue

RE: Creature - Helot - Mello Tonin - 09-01-2014

With these creatures it would be nice to see that they even though they have joined your cause, that they would still need a bit of time away from your regular minions since they joined unwillingly. So you wouldn't want to build their beds in the same lair that you would your Imps for instance. If they started to get a bit unruly because they were unhappy about spending time with your minions, then a quick trip to the Lady of Pain could get their perspective realigned.

RE: Creature - Helot - Seriously Unserious - 10-01-2014

Since they're unwilling participants, they would need to be kept in a prison cell when not actively working...

RE: Creature - Helot - Rasmus - 11-01-2014

I like this idea, but we would have to limit it somehow. In the future there will be a lot of different jobs that can be done, right now the imps have 30+ animations connected to his skeleton just to perform the animations for these jobs, and when the game is finished I imagine the imp would have 200+ animations. These animations takes some time for me to do, and giving other creatures the possibility to do them as well would mean 200+ animations per creature just to add this game mechanic.

So I purpose the following to make this work. Either the impanzees or the other captured creatures are only able to do a few of the jobs. Or the creature that have been imprisoned can be transformed in some way and get a appearance similar to the imp (so that I can use the imps animations on these creatures as well).

RE: Creature - Helot - Seriously Unserious - 12-01-2014

I'd say limit the tasks the captured can do, each type can do a few tasks under the watchful whip of a brutal taskmaster.

RE: Creature - Helot - Rasmus - 13-01-2014

That sounds reasonable.