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RE: - UfoL - 10-06-2015

I saw there is 0.9 out, but i can't enjoy it unfortunatelly.

The problem is that when i long in to the website i am redirected to the pre-order section instead of members page.
Every other tab is working ok, but members page brings me to the pre-order instead. I tried using different browsers but no luck. Seems it's related with website or my account somehow. I had no such problems before and could download latest version since 0.6

When i click members page tab, or type adress manually it switches browsers adress bar to:

I don't think it's quite right. What's wrong, and what can i do to find some bugs in 0.9?

Sorry for separate thread about it - made it before i noticed "members support" thread, and i can't seem to delete that separate thread.

RE: - David Bacuvka - 10-06-2015

same problem here Sad

RE: - Rasmus - 10-06-2015

I removed the other topic you made UfoL, and I quoted Mellos answer here:

(10-06-2015, 01:29 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: This initial release for 0.9 was intended to be released to those who backed the game during the crowd funding campaign, or if you pre ordered up to before the Steam release. I think I mentioned elsewhere that this was 0.5, but now that I think about it I believe it was more like the 0.6 version. This was around Nov - Dec 2013 I believe. I was looking at your profile and it looks like you joined us this year, so if that is an indicator to when you purchased the game, it's a good bit past the cut off date for that. Once the backers verify that there is no game breaking issues, or any that are found are corrected the game will be available on the website to all and a Steam update will be published.

Okay, could you check if you have got it working now and then get back to me?

RE: - UfoL - 10-06-2015

It works good now. Thanks Smile

RE: - Rasmus - 11-06-2015

Great Big Grin