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Archives Forum - Seriously Unserious - 26-01-2014

To prevent data loss from topics deemed no longer relevant to active discussions how about adding an archives forum that such threads could be moved to rather then deleting, that cleans the forum up but leaves the data available for later review in case it's necessary. IMO the only time an entire thread should be outright deleted is if it is in blatant violation of forum rules such as it's a hate topic or SPAM or something.

Discussions of suggestions, ideas and troubleshooting should definitely not be deleted, but rather archived if no longer relevant, in case something in them is needed again later, they are then still available to search but don't clutter up active forums.

RE: Forum Suggestion - Archives Forum - Sebt - 26-01-2014

There is an Archive on the forum already, haven't you known? Tongue

RE: [Implemented] Forum Suggestion - Archives Forum - Seriously Unserious - 26-01-2014

I must have missed it while posting all those long, detailed creature and room suggestions... Tongue

and making sure to use your awesome suggestion templates... Wink