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Tutorials announcement - prof_ion - 08-02-2014

Hey so I am gonna be doing some hydraulics related tutorial videos. What do you guys think about me doing other tutorials as well? I am game for it if it something you guys would like to see. Just drop some posts here and let me know what you think, and what I should cover.

RE: Tutorials - Rikus Khan - 08-02-2014

I cannot for my life get hydraulics to work .. please do those. The rest is pretty easy.

Although, a basics tutorial would be useful. It took me a while to figure out pressing "space" and how to buy an orc, how to fish ... you MUST have a bridge, stone next to the fish at the same level will not work. Things like that.

RE: Tutorials - Seriously Unserious - 08-02-2014

I'd definitely like to see a set of tutorials, starting with the basics of Dwelvers and moving on to more advanced things like hydraulics. I've been involved with testing Dwelvers since the beginning so I've gotten used to how Rasmus works and the overall style of his game so I usually pick things up pretty fast, but newcomers will definitely need tutorials, and when the next update comes out with radically changed and new features I'll likely need some tutorial help to figure out all the changes myself.

RE: Tutorials - prof_ion - 08-02-2014

I can manage to get some basics tutorials. And since Rasmus is not planning to release a new update for a month or so (ish) I should have time to get home from my trip, before the updates are out. Hydraulic tutorials are a definite, I am going to do them just because I love hydraulics. The rest will likely be something I will do as it seems to be a thing that people are interested in.

RE: Tutorials - Seriously Unserious - 09-02-2014

Thanks. Expect your reputation to start flying up when you start doing those tutorials. I'll be one of the ones contributing to that happening for sure. Smile

RE: Tutorials - prof_ion - 10-02-2014

Heh thanks for that. There is a current hold on that as my PC is several hundred miles away currently. Tongue I am in North Carolina staying with my girl friend and her family for three weeks. So I may not be quite as active as I normally would be. But know I am still alive. Though recording likely won't start until I arrive home on March 1st. Just poke at rasmus if you need me. Assuming the apple store here takes care of my ipod I might actually get on more. But I right now only can use my laptop as my ipod battery died and it refuses to charge. Will be getting it looked at tuesday evening. Regardless if I am needed or you are worried about my sanity without my computer have rasmus poke me on skype. Tongue

RE: Tutorials - Seriously Unserious - 10-02-2014

Rasmus-> [Image: action-smiley-054.gif] <- prof_ion

Big Grin

RE: Tutorials - Rasmus - 12-02-2014

I am not sure what that means SU, should I poke him if he forgets? Tongue

RE: Tutorials - Seriously Unserious - 12-02-2014

something like that, or it could be...

Dwelvers Community -> [Image: action-smiley-054.gif] <- Rasmus


I'M BACK!! - Hydraulics & General tutorials coming soon. - prof_ion - 02-03-2014

I have returned and that means I will start work on videos ASAP! I am not sure about getting things cut apart from the live stream as that is freaking long, but I will try and see what I can do. So I will start work on

-General Tutorials
-Hydraulics Tutorials

As soon as possible. Any specific requests for things that should be covered in those videos?

RE: I'M BACK!! - Seriously Unserious - 02-03-2014

I'd recommend waiting a bit, a new version is on the way that will have major changes. You could do your tutorials about how to play the next version, as many things will be very different. When you do start the tutorials, on the new version, whenever it's released, I'd recommend starting with a basic intro tutorial that guides new users (and possibly veterans confused by the major changes) on how to use the basic features of Dwelvers. Then you could start in on more advanced features that are forthcoming in the new version such as the hydraulics system, mods and any other features that make it into the upcoming version.

Oh, and one more thing, welcome back Prof. Cool

RE: I'M BACK!! - prof_ion - 03-03-2014

Thanks SU Big Grin I was planning on waiting a bit. I knew a new version was coming as while I was away I spent some time lurking and bugging Rasmus who has been rather busy Tongue I am excited for some new things Smile we will see how things go, and when he get's it updated. Hopefully he remembers my inverter :p

RE: I'M BACK!! - Seriously Unserious - 03-03-2014

"inverter" HuhConfused What do you do in an "inverter" ??? Huh


I'd love to know how you do an "inverter" as I've never seen one before. Rolleyes Tongue

RE: I'M BACK!! - Xiemas - 03-03-2014

I think je means that rasmus needs to add the inverter. There is no hydraulics without inverters Wink I'm also pretty good at hydraulics (redstone in minecraft). So I don't know if I can help maybe with some ideas Smile I'd love to help or just doing something.

RE: I'M BACK!! - prof_ion - 03-03-2014

(03-03-2014, 01:55 AM)Xiemas Wrote: I think je means that rasmus needs to add the inverter. There is no hydraulics without inverters Wink I'm also pretty good at hydraulics (redstone in minecraft). So I don't know if I can help maybe with some ideas Smile I'd love to help or just doing something.
if you are good with this stuff help is great! We can talk about it sometime. I could have you in a video even if you like. Smile