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James Mikhale - Why You Should: Dwelvers - Sebt - 25-05-2014

This video is made by someone whose post on Reddit got above 2000 upvotes and this way Dwelvers trailer video has so much views now.

Here's the video:

Here's the Reddit article by jjmikhale:

Enjoy. Smile

RE: - Rasmus - 25-05-2014

Ah nice one Smile

RE: - Sebt - 25-05-2014

I found today couple more videos about Dwelvers, even one had 5k subscribers, but I think we're going to have them more and more, so I hope authors or someone else would post videos about Dwelvers here if want to.

RE: - Mello Tonin - 26-05-2014

Short and sweet. I think the keys here are things we already know. The game even though still alpha, isn't clunky or overly buggy; it just works, and it's fun to play. This shows the dedication and passion of the team for their game and games in general. Sounds like you guys are really starting to pick up quite the audience. I hope y'all are reaching out to these guys to get them connected with any new updates to the game so they can really help you spread the word. In business from my experience you can drop loads of money into advertising and not always recoup that investment, but word of mouth is generally free and always works.