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Christonian - Dwelvers Indie Showcase - Rasmus - 26-09-2013

This is the guy that have been supporting Towns by making videos of their entire development process. So hopefully he will help us with Dwelvers as well Smile

Don't forget to give the video a thumbs up Smile

RE: Dwelvers video by Christonian - Sebt - 26-09-2013

As more movies the better. Still people don't show every feature that could interest more like fishing or setting traps, but that's good You're doing this by next updates. I hope all the video makers will keep in touch with You Rasmen. Tongue

RE: Dwelvers video by Christonian - Mello Tonin - 26-09-2013

Good stuff, when I get some time to finish up what I started on my site for this game I will have some tips and tricks that I come across. He mentioned wood being an issue, but I haven't seen that as the case. I usually find a group of roots in a 5x5 area and cut into it so roots are still left but has a space between them.

Thumbs up indeed for the video tho. The more people are talking about the game the better. When this game hits Steam, I bet it will really get some attention.

RE: Dwelvers video by Christonian - Rasmus - 26-09-2013

The wood can actually be an issue for people that aren't used to playing the game.. The thing is that I want the game to tell the player that he needs to search for wood, instead of him spending time trying to figure out what the problem is.. As the map is randomly generated I have seen some maps where I really need to dig far to get some wood.. Well, it is fixed now and will be included in the next version, now there will always be wood close to the dungeon centre.

Yeah, when released on Steam it will get a LOT of attention Big Grin

RE: Dwelvers video by Christonian - Sebt - 27-09-2013

My voice inside me shouted - cut these damn roots to the south man! Big Grin