Guideline Flappy Will Pay for His Crimes!!!
So I was playing around today a bit with version 0.8f and I noticed Flappy gettin into trouble as Flappy generally does. While building my Prison, Flappy ended up caught in the mix. I went back to see the progress of my build to notice Flappy looked a lil bloodied flying around in my Prison cell, so I clicked on him. 'FEED TO DARK MOTHER', uhhhh YEAH! Down the hatch goes Flappy, and what's this? 'Creature Produced: Flappy (Bat)', AWESOME!

[Image: NdMf.png]
Yeah, I found someone doing the same thing on steam, I think he managed to kill the bat with cannon fire and then got him transported into the prison.

I thought this was really funny as I didn't know it was possible Big Grin

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