Feedback/Modification Creature Mechanic - Forced Work
I have started to see a design flaw towards endgame.

Once the evilness meter gets high, I find myself having to place a rally flag at portals to guard them while I wait on a minion to come claim them. It would be nice to have some sort of override that says 'Do this NOW at the exclusion of all else' because waiting on minions to claim tiles is a real pain in the ass. There seems to be no clear pattern to how the claiming goes. I could have a rogue claim 3 tiles, then take off somewhere. Eventually another rogue or imp will come along and claim a few more. Rinse and repeat. I would like to be able to tell them to just come claim. Don't care at this point if production breaks down completely, but those portals need to be claimed asap before my dungeon gets overrun. This becomes much more of an issue at higher difficulty levels.

Thank you
Maybe we could use a similar mechanic as the Rally Flag, but instead it would be for Imps only. It would prioritize all work in a 10 tile radius with a high priority on constructions.

I think Guard Rooms will help a lot with the problem here, but I think a worker flag would be a simple solution to this.
I agree that this is a flaw. But this is planned to be fixed in due time Smile Once the guard rooms are in and that it will be easier to build traps I believe this will be balanced out.

Another feature that is in the game right now is the squad system, it will be improved on later. But for now you can create squads, right click on the squad icon to get its rally flag and use it.

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