Dwelvers Journal 2017.10.20 - SMP are no longer publishers of Dwelvers
2017.10.20 - SMP are no longer publishers of Dwelvers


Dwelvers Alpha v0.10 is available for download at the Dwelvers Website and on Steam.

Hi all,

It has been a while since my last news update here, or any post at all for that matter, sorry about that. It is just so hard to be engaged when I have no new game updates to show. I have noticed that the rating for the game has gone down a lot on Steam, which is understandable when no new updates are being made. I just hope that if I get back to working full time on Dwelvers this will change.

Even if many of the reviews are "not recommended" they still give me some inspiration, because the main reason for these reviews is that the development has halted, and not that the game itself is bad. So I still feel hope to turn these reviews around at some point. That is also why I've taken the step to buy out SMP (The developers of Towns). I felt that if I'm going to get back to developing Dwelvers I can't have SMP's bad reputation following me around.

So for the last months I've been working on the next update. It has only been about 10 - 12 hours a week, but at this point it is enough to be able to release a new update within a couple of weeks. The update is a big refactoring of the menu system so that it is much more intuitive. I will get back to you all with some more information about this in a week.

Thank you all for your patience Smile

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Glad to see you got that monkey off your back
Hehe, well, I feel like this was the right time to buy out SMP if I ever was going to do so. There have been a lot of forums (like Reddit) where a good discussion about Dwelvers turned into a bad one because one person mentioned SMP.

Also, I felt confident enough that I'm going to finish Dwelvers that I wanted to invest more money in it!
For the sake of further Dwelvers development that move was inevitable. Time to move on to the next level. Smile

And it seems something gone wrong with photobucket images. :v
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Yeah, photobucket is forcing me to make an upgrade because too many people has seen the images. This is the second time they do that, the first time they wanted a yearly fee, and I went along with it. But now as the images has been seen even more they wanted to increase the yearly fee a lot.

So I'm moving the images instead, I see no point in having the images on photobuckets site when I just as well could have them at dwelvers.com instead. It just takes some time migrating all the images. Btw, that's why all the links are named "replace_photobucket_link", I just need a to put all the photobucket images in a folder at dwelvers.com and do a find and replace on all the links on this site Tongue
Not familiar with SMP, tried a few searches on it, but most of it was land development or micro processors, and other things. So i'm not sure how much of this information is useful to me at least, but I guess it's something to congratulate on.
Hi Door, thank you Smile
I know it doesn't affect the development directly. But in the long run I know it will make a big difference.

I'm glad to see you all at the forum, it will not be long now until the next release. I will make a post about the current progress this week.

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