Feedback/Modification Room Mechanics - Dark Mother voice audition
As we have started making campaigns and have subtitles for the Dark Mother I though it was a good time to find a good voice actor.
We were thinking something in the line of this:

and of course this:

But much deeper to match the size of the Dark Mother, therefore it is okay with a male voice as well.

So if are you interested and have the time to send us some samples then please let me know Smile

Here are the first sentences in the campaign that will be said by the Dark Mother:
  • Ah, the countryside is awash in joy and happiness on this glorious morning bathed in sunshine and smiles.
  • It’s enough to make you sick!
  • Well now, up and at ‘em warden. Your guiding hand is needed if we are to show these blissful saps the error of their ways.

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