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So what does everyone think of having a Team Speak server to use? I will be getting one with my sponsored minecraft server, and I will have many more slots than I actually need for the server, and I was thinking I might dedicate a section of it for you guys here. This would be a select people thing and the password would be sent out by PM to those who ask for it in here, and give applications. I would prefer it be a member of the forums who was a bit better known, but that wouldn't be completely needed. All of the forum ops would be given admin rights to the Dwelvers section of the TS. So any thoughts on this? Is it something you guys even want?

I was also thinking we might start an IRC channel if we don't already have one.
I think there was a discussion about starting up a chat room, which seemed to be a popular idea, but it never got as far as a working chat room, so I'm definitely interested in this and I know there are others who are too.
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Well running an IRC channel is not hard at all. At least not as far as I know. And the TS is an open idea as well, being I will have more slots than I could ever realistically use.

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