0.6c - Rally doesn't draw all orcs immediately
I didn't think to consider that. Still getting used to the new interface. I do notice that they immediately stop training to go the flag which was one of the biggest issues in this bug. I moved the prioritization of Rally to the #1 spot, but they still seem intent on eating over Rally. Guess you can't expect much from those Orcs. Hungry Orc's gonna EAT!
Haha, well, just to make sure, I don't want them to stop eating because something more prioritized come up, this goes for all tasks, once a creature has started a task he should finish it. But, if the orcs are hungry and haven't started going to the bar table yet, and the rally flag is up, then they should prioritize the rally flag.
Guys, can you help checking if this bug is solved?
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I would say for the most part yes, but something I would like to see happen (as I understand there are certain tasks they shouldn't be pulled away from i.e. eating and sleeping) is that if an enemy is in a specified radius of the flag and there is a path to the enemy, then those 2 tasks I mentioned would be the only thing that wouldn't be interrupted. I noticed today when I was trying to rally to an enemy that Orcs were more focused on digging than attacking the enemy. They tore down half of my room before I deselected the area I was digging and then the Orcs responded to the call.
Okay, then I will return this one to unsolved Smile
Okay, so the reason the orcs kept on digging was because they prioritized to continue on the task next to the old one if the task type is the same. This one is solved with the next version (0.8j)!
Version 0.8j has been released, this bug is solved but need confirmation Smile
This one is solved. They finish the tile they are digging and then head towards the flag.
Thank you Smile

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