My New Idea Creature Mechanic - Evacuation order
Evacuation Order

ever had the problem that you wanted to wall off an area but not loose your best equiped orc
here is the solution just press the right mouse button left klick on the Evacuation Order tool and mark the area u dont want any of your creatures in

it works like the shovel /pickaxe tool just marks the blocks you dont want your creatures on red instead of green


Highlight: a tool that lets you mark an area for evacuation

Function: if you want to wall off an area
maybe because you got all usefull resources out of it and dont want your creatures to wander off too far
or the area has too many spawners and you dont want to die
with this tool you are able to mark the blocks in a simmilar fashion to the pickaxe / shovel tool just that the blocks become red and your creatures will try to leave that area
This seems to be a popular idea, here are some threads I could find where similar things have been posted:

There may be more similar suggestions but those were all the ones I could find within a reasonable amount of time. The fact that there are this many suggestions all revolving around a similar theme tends to show just how popular this sort of feature seems to be. I know I'm all for some means of stopping Kamikaze runs into the unknown, or, even worse, into a known hazard like a big lair of powerful creatures (eg: the Cyclotaur Maze). +1
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I think the Sign topic was the best one for this. It would work just as you described Aische1984, with a little difference that we don't want to trap creatures stuck on the wrong side of the selection. That is why the selected area should work as a one way street. How that will be done by the player and represented visually is still being worked on.
Yeah the signs one was a really good thread.
Yeah. I'd say this is definitely an important feature to many, given the shear number of threads about similar features.
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