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Dwelvers Journal 2014.11.22 - Working in the dark
Hi all,

As the headline suggests I have been working on Dwelvers like crazy the last weeks despite not showing that much progress on the forum.

So, sorry for the inactivity on the forums, and for not releasing the next version on time. The reason for this is that I got a little bit more on my hands than I expected.

When finishing the optimization and some of the bugs I made went through all the features of the game to make sure that they worked correctly, unfortunately they didn't. With the optimization I made it so that the all the 2D rendering is handled by one thread and all the 3D rendering by another, this cause some issues with the creature menu because it is mixed with both, and the result was that some of the function was made invisible. This is of course solvable but would take a day to solve, but as I am not fully pleased with the creature menu at its current state I decided to redo it, this was three - four days ago. Why I haven't posted any news since or explained the delay was because I didn't want to write another wall of text without showing any visual improvements.

So here we go, this is the new design of the creature menu:


This menu will replace the old creature menu completely, and it is already more user-friendly and packed with more features than the old one. I wanted to keep the visualization of the creature being looked at, therefore I made the mirror. On the right of the mirror you can see all the stats the creature has just like in the old menu, and below the window it is possible to switch between creature types by clicking the tabs and then the creature by clicking on the specific creature.

This menu is called the character menu because it shows details about the character. If we click the next tab we will see this:


This is the equipment menu, and here the player can see the equipment this specific creature has and be able to change it if he wants too. If he decides to change the equipment he will have to click the manual button, this will mean that he will override the auto-equipment for this creature in that equipment slot. When changing the equipment it will not happen instantly as it has been doing before, the new item will flash above the already equipped item with an hourglass on it showing that this is the item that the creature will change into, and once the creature has equipped the item the flashing will disappear and be rendered permanently.

The next menu is the race menu:


This menu is a little larger as the creatures can no longer be selected at the bottom, only the creature type. Right now it only contains auto equipping features, but the plan is that it will contain more race dependent options in the future.

Here the player will be able to choose three items that will be prioritized for equipping for this slot and race. The player can also choose to not have any items prioritized at all, or disable the auto equipment completely to force the player to manually equip all the creatures of this type unless he wants them to run around naked.

This will mean that from now on all creatures will be born without equipment. But to make it a little bit easier for the players I will make it so that the Orcs (for example) will start with auto-equipment on hide armor and wooden clubs, and then let the Dark Mother puke out some of these items for the creatures to equip at start.

The idea is that this new creature menu will set the standard for future menus in the game, I want the items menu to look the same and be on the left side, so that these two menus can interact with each-other.

I also want to show of the new feature of being able to lock the creature production:


As seen here we now have a lockpad included in the bottom left menu, when activated this creature type will no longer be produced until the player unlocks it. Then if the player don't want to produce a certain creature type at all he should just avoid building beds for them.

So that was it for now, once again, sorry for the delay. I will probably not be able to release a new version this upcoming week either because of all the changes, and if we now have waited this long I really want to be able to give you a version packed with new features.

On a side note. I know that some of you may expect me to release a new version at least once every twice or third week (mostly because I said so myself). But when problems like this one arises I get very stressed because of this "deadline", I ask you all to be patient with me. I work best and fastest when I don't have "deadlines" hanging over me. This don't mean that I will take longer time on me to release new versions, sometimes it will probably be once a week, while other times up to a month between releases. This is not optimal, I know, Dwelvers will sell better if I were more active on the forums and released the game more often, but as I am the only programmer I need the space to be able to work the best the can.

Thanks for understanding Smile

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