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Image Joshua's Fan Arts
It's been a long time since I last visited and posted here. Lot's of new changes have happened here but mostly there are lots of new members that joined here ( I do hope that will make the forum more active ). I heard the developers had launched their game to Steam, I checked it out and was happy to see the good reviews that came out of it, though only a few knew about it. It seems the developers aren't accepting any suggestion for the game anymore. Nonetheless, hope you keep it up developers! Will be expecting the full game to be much more fun and addicting ( but not that so addicting otherwise it will give me a blackeye the next day ).

NOTE: I doubt anyone will remember me but, oh well... My fault for staying out of here for too long.
NOTE 2: Hope the old members, didn't wither from the forums. T_T
NOTE 3: False alarm... It seems the developers still accept suggestions.

Here is something I drew within less than 20 minutes ( hope it will be made into a boss or at least will motivate the creativeness of the developers ):
[Image: JA_zps84584dd1.png]
Name: Theanalva Dragon
Origin: Unknown
Side: Neutral
Backstory: The once greatest boon to the underworld and to the human realm. This dragon has existed before the humans or the under-dwellers were born to this world. It's gigantic size is the most intimidating to the first timers who have seen this creature. Some say that there was once a human king, he tried to decieve the dragon and only to have his kingdom and all of the inhabitants razed.
Its horns is the most valueable to the military campaigns of both to the humans and the under-dwellers. The dragon's horn is made up of an unknown material which allows it's user to fuse any forms of magic and at the same time boost the power of anyone who wields equal to enough to slay three full battlions of army. Along with time, both faction has learned to forge and smelt weapons, of course the horn was also used by mixing it along with metal and steel mixture, or the horn was stiched to clothed-type weapons and armors. Since the horn is a supremely rare and limited resources, weapons forged with the horn were only given to heroes and underlords.
But, suddenly... the dragon went on an illogical berserk and outrage which destroyed 95% of both the humans and under-dwellers populace. This calamity is presently known as "The Great Purge". The leaders of both faction decided to form a temporary alliance in order to stop the extinction of their race. The humans sended Andro, the hero brandishing the "Lugandash Greatsword" while the under-dwellers sended Zamzenka, the scion of House Uldar and wielder of the gauntlet "Kriegz". The battle went on for 3 days until the dragon suddenly vanished. The heroes were left dead, having exhausted all their power.
Ever since that battle, both factions worked busily to rebuild their former glory. Having lost much of it's citizen, the humans decided to form the Uni-Kingdom Plan, which is to create only one kingdom for humans. The under-dwellers worked also their way to build up their populace which is through the use of the Dark Mother and it's moderator: The Hand. Many questions aroused but there are three questions which is critical: Will the dragon come back? Why did the dragon disappear? But the most mysterious: Who or what made the dragon go berserk? Until then, the humans and under-dwellers must be prepared for that event. Mysteriously, some fragment of the dragon's horn are left scattered and buried everywhere in the world.

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