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(10-08-2015, 11:25 AM)Rasmus Wrote: It seems like since 0.9 was released some people have been having some performance issues. I traced it back to when introduced the surface world, and the issue was that with both the dungeon world and the surface world being updated it was a little bit too demanding for the computer. I solved this issue by threading the surface world.

I am sure there are other issues out there that can make the game run slow, but I would like to hear some more feedback about how the game is running for you now after the 0.9e release Smile

when i first started up 9e the edge scrolling was super sensitive and weeee.. screen zoomed off into the darkness.. might have to look to see what the shortcut is for centre screen on mother.

i have noticed a slowdown since v8. could it possibly be due to the minimap? i must admit i do prefer the old minimap coz i can see the blueprint of my dungeon better, and the current one doesn't really offer much until the humans have invaded from the 4 corners and you can see where you've made a road to those far reaching portals. to see the blueprint in the current version i have to set the view to topdown and zoom out.

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