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Dwelvers Journal 2016.03.08 - Dwelvers Alpha 0.9g released
2016.03.09 - Dwelvers Alpha 0.9g released


Dwelvers alpha v0.9g has now been released and is available for download at the Dwelvers Website and on Steam.

This new update will includes new modding abilities, a new guard room and a lot of bug fixes and smaller features. James and I will also make another live stream explaining and showing of all these new features that are being introduced with this version, we will also discuss how the UI could be made better. You are welcome to join our discussion here today (9/3-16 at 6 pm CET):

New Feature - New guard room


This new guard room works in such a way that those of your creatures that knows how to fight will go to it and guard so that no enemies passes by.

Read more & join discussion about this here...

Feature update - Quick message window messages are now clickable


Now all those quick messages that pops up on the left side of the screen explaining for the player if something of importance have happened in the dungeon are clickable. When clicking them the camera will auto-zoom to that location.

Read more & join discussion about this here...

Launcher update - Information window


I don't know if this really should be included as an update. But I have added an information window in the launcher so that it will show the player when something of importance is going on, like the Kickstarter that is going on right now Smile

Read more & join discussion about this here...

Feature update - Unreachable warning


If a block is unreachable but are still selected to be dug out, then it will be highlighted in red color instead of cyan color. This should make it easier for the player to know if something is wrong.

Read more & join discussion about this here...

Feature update - Building warning stronger when something is wrong


If a building has problems such as it is blocked in, or that the production is low, it will be colored with a transparent red color. This is so that the player easier can see what building is having the problem.

Read more & join discussion about this here...

Smaller feature updates and fixes

  • Fixes so that the viewing distance fog isn’t affected by the camera height.
  • Fixed Piggeh walking animation, it was not synced with how fast the creature was moving forward.
  • Fixed Cyclotaur walking animation, it was not synced with how fast the creature was moving forward.
  • Battle messages are now less frequent.
  • ESC key can now also be used to deselect current tool.
  • Rooms doesn't cost resources, only furniture does.
  • The player can no longer select characters when using a tool (players selects creatures when trying to build)
  • All difficulty changed so that each wave are less frequent.
  • The player can now see which way the gate is being placed for farm.
  • Fix the surface world so that the whole map is reachable.
  • Stairs can now be rotated.

Dwelvers 0.9g version released!

To download it go to Dwelvers website and log in to your account. Once this is done a new tab leading to the Members page should have become available.
Here you can download the latest version.

Get involved!

Buy it or try out the demo on Steam:

Buy it from the Dwelvers website:

Download the demo from IndieDB:


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